Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report of the Würth Group 2023

Our values as a family business
and the will to grow are the constants
that tie us to our roots, while at the same time
driving us forward on our path to transformation.

We are demonstrating our courage to
change with the to a circular economy
in three transformation areas: Climate,
Material Cycle, and Social Standards.

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The Würth Group accepts its responsibility ...

to contribute meaningfully to climate protection and to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The transparency of the climate footprint analysis can help us to better understand direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and to take targeted steps to reduce them, such as obtaining energy from renewable sources, using energy efficiently, and converting the vehicles in our fleet to alternative drive systems. In this way, we strive to grow while respecting the environment.
Material life cycles

We see the raw materials ...

that the Earth provides as family heirlooms.

This means that we should use them with care and respect in order to preserve them for future generations. To achieve this, the Würth Group aims to use resources more efficiently and to minimize the consumption of primary materials. Closed material life cycles are crucial for this purpose. They are the only way that the Würth Group can achieve future growth that is decoupled from the consumption of finite resources.
Material life cycles
Social standards
Social standards

The Würth Group pursues a business strategy ...

hat is in harmony with people and the environment.

Mutual respect and transparency form the basis of our business relationships. We are committed to sustainable supply chain management that not only optimizes efficiency and quality in the supply chain but also improves working and living conditions for people in countries associated with high social risks. We attach particular importance to respecting human rights and preserving natural resources.

A day in the Würth Group 2023

All figures are average values (ø) derived from the total annual values from 2023 for 365 days to calculate 1 day/year.

274 metric tons

of packaging material are used each day

220 metric tons

of waste (resources) are produced each day

125 cubic meters

of water are consumed each day

891 MWh

of power are needed for heating each day

1,236 MWh

of electricity are consumed daily

892 metric tons

of CO₂e emissions are produced each day in total (scope 1+2)

10 kilograms

of CO₂e emissions are produced each day per employee (scope 1+2)

16 grams

of CO₂e emissions are produced per euro in sales (scope 1 +2)

42 MWh

of electricity are generated and used each day by in-house photovoltaic systems

23,402 kWh

of electricity are used each day by electric vehicles

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