Annual report of the Würth Group 2023

The brave ones who take the leap immediately
The strategists who pause and weigh their options.
The prudent ones who make a conscious
decision to turn back.

A good and courageous decision
is made by everyone.


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Mastering digitalization
Mastering digitalization

Having the courage to Master...

digitalization and retain the human touch.

Navigation devices that help you avoid traffic jams. Programs that translate a text into another language in a matter of seconds. We have become very attached to our digital assistants. What we need to do is to have the courage to think about how much we want to hand over to artificial intelligence and where its added value, but also its limits, lie. In the field of medicine, for example, artificial intelligence allows for more precise diagnoses or for diseases to be detected earlier on. And when it comes to logistics at Würth, automated processes boost efficiency and productivity—so that our employees do not have to lift heavy parcels and our customers receive their goods reliably. The strengths of these digital applications are obvious: speed, precise results, reduced workload. At the same time, day-to-day working life needs creative minds, empathy, innovative solutions—in other words, people. The key lies in being able to effectively combine human and technological strengths.
Upturning structures

Having the courage to Upturn...

existing structures to pave the way for something new.

We would not have progress without innovative people. Without them, we would not be able to use our smartphones to surf the Internet; instead we would still be hunched over our thick encyclopedias. Without them, our products would not evolve and would always remain the same. This is why around 250 employees are working on pioneering new products and systems at the Reinhold Würth Innovation Center Curio. One thing that these innovative people have in common is their courage to be different from everyone else in their era. Their instinct for opportunities. Their curiosity about the unknown. And their conviction that something great can emerge from good ideas and a fresh approach. It is the courageous people who consciously take risks and turn their ideas into reality with selfconfidence and perseverance. Who inspire and embolden others. Who are upturning existing structures to pave the way for something new. And who shape the future by changing the way they think.
Upturning structures
Taking on responsibility
Taking on responsibility

Having the courage to Take on....

responsibility and help to shape the future.

A future world worth living is not created by accident. We have to actively work on it. Visionaries provide us with guidelines as to where we can develop. And take us on this journey with them. Many people can achieve a lot with personal initiative and energy. If you work as a team, you will win as a team. Because actions have power. That is why more than 87,000 Würth employees roll up their sleeves and get down to hard work. Day in, day out. For customers and suppliers—yes, for our society. And this effort requires everyone: The brave ones who are the first to push forward. The strategists who prefer to sleep on it for a night before making a decision. The prudent ones who stick to their guns and deliberately choose not to jump on the bandwagon.

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