Entry levels

The right entry point

Whether you have many years of experience or are just setting out on your career: With us, you will find the right starting point for a career in the Würth Group. In the Würth Group, the various training and development programs offer all employees the opportunity to successfully shape their own career development in the Group.

Career paths

The Würth Group considers the promotion and development of its employees a fundamental and visionary task. These efforts start at the very beginning of an employee’s career. This is why the company provides in-depth and extensive vocational training opportunities.


The Würth Group recruits most of its managers from its own ranks. In order to support employees optimally when taking this step in their careers, the Group has launched development programs that support executives along the way.

If you are still in school but are already thinking about your future, you can gain your first work experience through an internship or a vacation job. The companies of the Würth Group will help you take your first steps into the working world and get an idea of what you want to do later on. With this in mind, the Würth Group offer traineeships and vacation jobs for students still attending school. Within the Group, there are many avenues you can pursue after school. Whether you opt for professional training or a course of study, one of the Group’s many companies may have an exciting career waiting for you.

You want to get a taste of practical experience while studying or jump straight into the workforce? The Würth Group offers a variety of opportunities: internships, national and international trainee programs, or a job as a working student.


The development of its employees is part of the Würth Group’s corporate culture and is essential for the company’s sustainable and forward-looking management. The companies of the Würth Group not only share knowledge and expertise, but also promote social skills and the personal development of their employees.

Are you looking for a challenging and varied new role? The Würth Group offers interesting career prospects, individual training opportunities, and plenty of space for your ideas and creativity. Life-long learning is one of the cornerstones of Würth’s corporate culture. That is why it goes without saying that the Group invests in training and development opportunities at all levels so that employees can develop their careers.


And Würth has a great variety of jobs. In the Würth Group’s core business, the focus lies on the sale of assembly and fastening materials and on the large sales organization. Beyond that, the Würth Group offers a variety of career opportunities in other sectors, including logistics, manufacturing, financial services, event management, and the hotel business. At the companies of the Würth Group, you can make a career for yourself in various industries and sectors, regardless of whether you already have extensive expertise and experience or whether you are looking for a new challenge.

You already work in a management position and are looking for a change? You are on the lookout for the next step in your career? You are performance-oriented, love challenges, and appreciate the freedom to try out new things? In this case, you and Würth are a perfect match. The Würth Group sets great store on having the right executives, executives who motivate their employees and lead them to success. This is not only about efficiency and productivity, but also about team spirit and working together. Akademie Würth and Würth Business Academysupport existing and future executives in their development.

Management positions
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