Divisions of the Würth Line
Divisions of the Würth Line
Divisions of the Würth Line
Divisions of the Würth Line

Divisions of the Würth Line

The business activities of the Würth Line focus on the production and sale of assembly and fastening materials for customers in trade and industry. Within the Würth Line, the operating business units are split into Metal, Industry, Auto, Wood, and Construction divisions.

Auto division

The Auto division sees itself as a competent partner for car workshops—today and in the future. In addition to a comprehensive product range meeting the highest quality standards, we offer our customers innovative services and systems to optimize their internal processes. In complementary areas of expertise such as diagnostics, air-conditioning services, and special tools, we support workshops in the automotive and commercial vehicle markets. We also offer solutions for alternative drive systems and the increasing digitalization in the automotive aftersales segment.


Car subdivision

The customers in the car subdivision include vehicle manufacturers, brand-specific and independent car dealers, customers with large vehicle fleets, bodywork specialists, vehicle restorers, tire changing businesses, and businesses in the bike segment.


Cargo/Commercial Vehicles subdivision

The customers of this subdivision are authorized commercial vehicle repair shops, independent commercial vehicle repair shops, repair businesses focusing on construction and agricultural machinery, transportation and logistics companies, bus companies, businesses specializing in repairing and renting working platforms and forklifts, public-sector municipal utilities and waste disposal companies, as well as companies from the agricultural and forestry sector.

Division Auto


Construction division

The Construction division aims to supply construction companies across the globe at the regional, national, and international level with standardized high-end products and services. The pick-up shops are the ideal port of call for customers looking to cover their immediate needs. The sales force acts as a permanent point of contact at the construction site. They are responsible for optimizing the processes associated with the main trades involved in the shell construction phase and in the various technical building installations as part of the project business.


The Construction division encompasses all sales units responsible for serving customers in the building and civil engineering industry and the finishing trades. The focus is on construction companies, technical building equipment, roof and wood construction customers, finishing and facade specialists, and direct supplies to construction sites. Customized service and logistics solutions are also provided, such as equipped material stores directly at the construction site. There is an increasing focus on strategic target groups such as builders, planners, architects, and project managers.

Division Bau


Wood division

The Wood division supports its customers in the entire woodworking and wood processing trade with a tailored product portfolio and specific application solutions. The product range includes wood screws, fittings, chemical-technical products, as well as material treatment and structural connection products.


Thanks to a high level of expertise and holistic sales solutions, we not only offer our customers products that are perfectly tailored to suit their needs, we also see ourselves as a personal advisor, assisting our clients from the preparation of their initial plans to the completion stage.


In these endeavors, the Wood division is responding to the latest trends in the industry: The WÜDESTO online configurator already allows customers to create customized furniture elements and order semi-finished parts with exact dimensions in Germany, Austria, and Italy. In order to sustainably develop the e-business area internationally and to meet demands in the skilled trades, there are already plans to integrate further companies into WÜDESTO.

Wood division


Metall division

The Metal division offers its customers innovative solutions to support them in their daily work today and in the future. Our core competency, direct selling, coupled with our pick-up shops and the various options for placing orders online, allows us to offer our customers top-quality advice and options for the procurement and provision of suitable products for everyone.


Metal subdivision

This subdivision directly serves customers in the metalworking and metal processing industries, and its main customers include metal and steel fabricators, fitters, and machine and vehicle manufacturers.


Installations subdivision

This subdivision concentrates on electricians, gas, heating and water installation firms, and air-conditioning and ventilation system engineers.


Maintenance subdivision

This subdivision addresses customers with in-house repair shops from a whole range of sectors, such as industrial enterprises, hotels, shopping centers, airports, and hospitals.

Metal division


Industry division

The entities of the Industry division are specialized companies with a complete range of assembly and connecting materials for industrial production, maintenance, and repair. In addition to this comprehensive standard range, the division’s strength lies in customized logistics concepts for supply and service, along with the provision of technical consulting.


The innovative further development of procurement and logistics systems within the Industry division emphasizes the role of full automation and systems in stocking and replenishing Würth products for manufacturing customers. One key focus remains the maximum availability of C-part supplies directly at the place of consumption, in the warehouse and at the workstation. All solutions are made available as part of a holistic approach to the supply of production and operating resources. As in the past, the focus is on expanding digital processes and sales channels.


The strategic focus remains on personal on-site customer service thanks to a global network of companies and, as a result, the same high standards for quality, products, and processes across the globe.

Industry division

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