Würth representative offices

Promoting dialogue

Companies are not only responsible for their employees, but also for society as a whole and its free development. The mission of the Würth Group’s representative offices in Berlin and Brussels is to promote critical but constructive discussions between social groups and institutions.

The representative offices of the Würth Group

This is where politics, business, industry, science, culture, and the media meet for dialogue. The representative offices host talks, conferences, and receptions. Topics range from issues related to the globalized economy and its implications, digitalization, and the future development of a society in peace and prosperity to the integration and acceptance of people with disabilities. Discourse and the contest of ideas are the engines of democratic society. The Würth Group’s representative offices in the German and the European capital facilitate this discourse.


Würth Haus Berlin

Würth Haus Berlin maintains an open dialogue with all responsible social groups and institutions in Germany. The rooms at the representative office in Schwanenwerder are used to host conferences, talks, receptions, and concerts.


Würth Office Brussels

Würth Office Brussels allows the Würth Group to be represented centrally in the European Union, providing it with the special opportunity to position itself on economic and socio-political issues in Europe.

Würth Haus Berlin

View from the garden to the Würth Haus Berlin

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