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Akademie Würth

The Akademie Würth offers a comprehensive program for personal and professional development, both for employees of the Würth Group as well as for customers and external parties interested in the program. Their offerings include a wide range of training and presentation techniques, as well as specialized training for specific areas of expertise and professional development opportunities for managers.

Use the expertise of the Würth Group

Discover the offer and set a milestone for your successful future! You can find out more about our range of international specialist trainings directly here and you can register online. Please note, that your participation has to be coordinated and approved by your supervisor.

Alle Attended event Blended Learning Online
Alle Expertise Methods Leadership
Blended Learning
Fit for Customer Management

The training will provide you with important fundamentals and knowledge about customer management in the Würth Group.

Project Management for Product Managers

After this training course you will understand the differences between product and project management.

Purchasing Negotiations

In this webinar, you will be equipped with the basics of conducting talks and negotiations.

Purchasing @ Würth Group | Basics

Based on the group guidelines (PAP), this webinar provides you with an overview of important specific basic topics of purchasing in the Würth Group, such as the purchasing structure and strategy.

Blended Learning
Culture, Business, Leadership

In two modules, participants will have the chance to deal with the multi-faceted requirements on their management responsibility and enhance the required core competences sustainably.

Face-to-Face training
Fit for Finance - for new Financial Managers and Controllers

Fit for Finance conveys all the know-how that is required for reporting in the Würth Group.

Blended Learning
Qualification program Pricing

This training program is designed to create an corporate quality standard and support the training of new employees.

Videos | Production and use

In this webinar, we will share with you many methodical and didactic hints as well as the necessary technical expertise to be able to create learning and instructional videos on your own.

Creating a Web-Based Training

In this training you will learn what you need to create WBTs and how to use the different tools. Furthermore, we provide you with the necessary technical knowledge.

Conducting professional and interactive webinars

You will learn what you need to know to use webinars. At the same time, we will fill your toolbox with methods, which will make your webinar a success.

International Key Account Management Module 1

This training focuses on the tools of a key account manager.

International Key Account Management | Module 2

This training focuses on the medium to long-term strategy of key account management.

Negotiation training for International Key Account Manager

In this training you will learn how to prepare professionally for your negotiation and how to check your own negotiating power in advance.

WGS 365 | Basics

The aim of the training is to provide participants with knowledge for working with the basic possibilities of WGS 365 and to give them confidence in its use.

Finance for Non-Financials

We will train your way of thinking and acting, especially with regard to the business and financial processes of our company.

Face-to-Face training
Purchasing | Professional

Blended Learning
Sales Operations Basics

This training is designed to help you to gain an awareness of your roles, competencies and responsibilities, and to know afterwards how to enhance your network and impact.

Projectmanagement Basics

The training teaches all methods and techniques of effective project management, as applied in the Würth Group as a quasi-standard.

Blended Learning
Logistics Management – Qualification Series

This training should imparting in-depth logistics know-how.

Create your personal learning journey

1. Performance Review

Your target agreements are agreed upon with your supervisor.

2. Training registration

Please register up to six weeks before the training starts directly via the Learning Campus. Please note, that your participation has to be approved by your supervisor.

3. Confirmation of registration

You will receive a confirmation from us after receipt of your registration.

4. Invitation

In due time before training starts you will receive the invitation from us with all relevant information. Separately, you will receive a registration form to enter your data. We are happy to support you with your travel needs.

5. Visa

Please inform us if you need a formal invitation letter for your visa application. Please note that you are responsible for any further organizational steps.

6. Cancellation

Cancellations must be made in written form. More than 7 days: In case of an urgent reason, no charges will apply. Less than 7 days: Based on our cancellation terms, charges will apply for the cost of the training.

7. Information

1 to 2 weeks before training starts you will receive a final overview of important information.

8. Feedback

Take the chance to give us your personal feedback!

9. Certificate

After a successful participation you will receive your personalized certificate.

10. Invoice

After your successful participation in a training, you will receive an invoice.

11. Implementation in your work life

Find a time to discuss your development with your supervisor. Try to develop an action plan together and review it regularly.

Create your personal learning journey

You have no access to the Learning Campus?

The contact person at Akademie Würth will be happy to help you.

Tamara Matter

Contact person at the Würth Academy



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