Reinhold Würth – The person behind the success

Ambitious, creative and a man of vision, as well as extremely hard-working and achievement-oriented – these are qualities attributed to Reinhold Würth. Behind this busy entrepreneur stand a man who, in addition to his work, also loves life, has a sense of humor and loves to tell a joke.

60-jähriges Arbeitsjubiläum

60 years of service to the company: Reinhold Würth with his wife Carmen and the two daughters Bettina (left) and Marion (right) at the celebration

Optimistically looking forward, taking courses of action that are both dynamic and pragmatic – these are basic characteristics that distinguish Reinhold Würth as a person. He has always been consistent in bringing these traits to his company since the early days. They are found not only in the basic principles of the Würth Group but as values that are embodied by all of our employees. This is also reflected in the corporate culture, where operational successes and positive achievements have been not only rewarded but also celebrated from the very beginning. Hans Hügel, an original Würth team member and long-standing employee, remembers the first company outing in 1957: “The entire company consisted of five people. Mr. Würth was driving his new yellow Mercedes 190. We drove via Baden-Baden to the Black Forest overpass, Schwarzenbach dam and to Mummelsee. It was a wonderful experience for me, because it was the first time I had been farther away from home than Stuttgart.“

Among the many interests Reinhold Würth has in addition to art is classical music, especially Mozart, Brahms and Schumann. In his free time he likes to go on walks – staying in motion is important for him. He also has a soft spot for flying: He is a passionate pilot, has had a professional pilot‘s license (ATPL) for many years, and was also president of the Schwäbisch Hall Aviators Club for nearly 25 years.