Reinhold Würth – The visionary

By visiting the customers the Würth sales representatives are close to the market every day, and offer specific services that are of real benefit to the customer. Rolling up the sleeves, having new ideas and finding solutions which make the customers’ daily business easier are principles that are lived at Würth. “Looking behind the mountains and around the bend”, leaving beaten tracks behind to find potential for optimization is one of the Würth company’s basic rules which has been put in a nutshell by Reinhold Würth.

Erste drei Verkäufer

The young boss Reinhold Würth (second from left) with his first three sales representatives

From early on, Reinhold Würth showed determination and curiosity. After having taken over the business from his father, it was of top priority to him to keep the business going, to earn money and remain solvent. Already in 1955, he managed to exceed by far the target he had set himself which was to maintain the sales volume of the previous year. Still in the 1950s, he introduced a strategic planning for the period of five years, connected with a forecast for further five years.

The management with a vision, linked to strict orientation towards excellent performance and the employees’ motivation have always been characteristic features of the company which were influenced considerably by Reinhold Würth. Already in the early years the company wanted to approach customers actively instead of waiting for them to come. The building up and extension of direct selling laid the foundations for the success of the company.

Exemplary for the visionary and strategic thinking of Reinhold Würth is above all his “Vision 2000”, which he developed in 1987: The sales volume of the Würth Group amounted to DM 1.3 billion in 1987. The aim was to attain a sales volume of DM 10 billion by the turn of the millennium. Indeed did the company succeed in reaching exactly this target in the business year 2000.

And we move on: to pastures new and with a new vision. For the business year 2023, the Würth Group has set itself the goal to generate sales of EUR 20 billion with 100,000 employees.