Würth supports replanting allée of lime trees (Lindenallee) in Öhringen - Tree population between Platzhof and Friedrichsruhe to be complemented in winter 2010

Künzelsau/Öhringen. On the occasion of the 65th company anniversary of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG and the 75th birthday of Reinhold Würth the Würth Group agreed to spend money for the partial replanting of the allée of lime trees between Friedrichsruhe and Öhringen.

Complementing the allée built in the 18th century in connection with the hunting lodge next to the zoo, which later became Friedrichsruhe, brings back the sight of a continuous allée, something that has become quite rare in Western Germany.

In the next planting season which starts in autumn 2010 the tree section between Platzhof and Friedrichsruhe will be complemented.