Transcending Musical Gravity: Martin Grubinger Receives the Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales

Künzelsau/Cologne. The Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland (JMD) endowed with EUR 10,000 was presented to the Austrian multipercussionist Martin Grubinger in Cologne on Sunday, May 9, 2010. In her honorific speech, the director of Beethovenfest Bonn, Ilona Schmiel, emphasized Grubinger’s intercultural contribution to the international realm of classical music.

In his concerts, Grubinger presents forms of expression that open up a so far unknown access to music. With playful elegance, temperament and instinctive virtuosity baffling the audience he transcends the barriers between musical styles and cultures. His curious idealism links him with the musical youth organization Jeunesses Musicales that brings together many thousands of young people in its projects and courses every year and enables them to share an inspiring and lasting musical experience. "In Martin Grubinger we honor a young musician who can be a role model for the musical youth not only as a musician, but also concerning his attitude and mindset", said JMD Vice President Stefan Piendl. During the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Harald Unkelbach, Chairman of the Charitable Würth Trust, emphasized: "In receiving this prize you become part of the tradition of Dennis Russell Davies, Philip Glass, the Nationalen Children’s Orchestra Venezuela, Gustavo Dudamel and the Arab-Jewish Youth Orchestra Israel. You are very young still, and yet you awaken people’s interest and enthusiasm for drums and percussion. This is illustrated by the overwhelming feedback across generations."

The Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland is one of the most exclusive awards in the German musical scene. It is awarded to artists, ensembles and projects that meet the values and fulfill the objectives of JMD in an exemplary fashion. Since 1991, personalities such as the music publisher Theo Geißler, ensembles including Junge Deutsche Philharmonie and Ensemble Resonanz or the education program of Berliner Philharmoniker have received the award.

Information: Charitable Würth Trust

The Charitable Würth Trust was initiated by Reinhold and Carmen Würth in 1987. It supports a myriad of projects from the field of arts and culture, research and science as well as training and education. Currently, the trust capital amounts to EUR 5 million.

The Charitable Würth Trust develops its own activities and additionally sponsors projects of other institutions focusing on the Hohenlohe Region. In 2005, the Competence Center Economic Education Baden-Württemberg was established under the roof of the Charitable Würth Trust, the aim of which it is to promote understanding for economic issues in schools. Every year, the Competence Center awards the Würth Education Prize.

Furthermore, the Charitable Würth Trust sponsors Freie Schule Anne Sophie, which was founded in Künzelsau in 2006. The school is a certified private school with all-day care for all school careers – from pre-school to high-school diploma. The school has its own educational concept.

The Charitable Würth Trust also administers the Foundation for the Promotion of Reinhold Würth Hochschule (College) of Heilbronn University, which is dedicated to the promotion of research and science at this university. It was granted a trust capital of EUR 10 million by the Würth Group.

Particularly important projects of other institutions that have been sponsored regularly so far are Hohenloher Kultursommer as well as the international violin competition organized every other year by Kulturstiftung Hohenlohe (Cultural Foundation Hohenlohe), the Junge Oper Schloss Weikersheim and the work of the historical association for Württemberg-Franconia.

At the moment, the Charitable Würth Trust awards the following prizes:

  • Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland
  • Robert Jacobsen Prize
  • Würth Education Prize