Informational evening at Freie Schule Anne-Sophie Pre-school level at the elementary school

Künzelsau. Starting in September 2008, Freie Schule Anne-Sophie will continue its activities in the new premises in Taläcker, part of the town of Künzelsau, and will admit children from the age of 5 for the first time.

The informational evening on the concept and admission procedure of the pre-school

will take place on 12 June 2008 at 7.30 p.m.
at Akademie Würth in Gaisbach, Schliffenstraße 24 (Room F006).

Interested parents can register for the informational evening with the school secretary by calling the phone number: +49 7940 9311930.

The pedagogical concept

Within the framework of its reform-pedagogical teaching method, Freie Schule Anne-Sophie places holistic learning at the center of attention. The objective of this new learning concept is fostering every student based on his/her individual set of talents.

“Every child stepping on this new path of learning is to leave Freie Schule Anne-Sophie as a winner!”, initiator Bettina Würth expressed her hope.

The basic difference to classical teaching methods lies in the consistent mixture of the individual class levels and in the pupils’ individual way of learning. The students learn alone as well as in groups.

The pre-school level

Girls and boys who have outgrown the classical kindergarten groups, usually around the age of five, can enter the pre-school level of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie where an individual transition from learning by playing towards self-organized learning is promoted by fostering the children individually in the pre-school and entry level of the elementary school. The pre-school pedagogues work with the teachers following the same principles within the heterogeneous groups customary at Freie Schule Anne-Sophie.

A matter of the heart becomes reality

The new school complex will be completed in the summer of 2008. It will contain buildings for the elementary school, the secondary level I of the classes 5 to 10 and the secondary level II as well as a gymnasium and indoor swimming pool and a central building with school restaurant, library and assembly hall.