Opening Ceremony of “Würzburger Bau” – Expansion of the Hotel-Restaurant Anne Sophie

Künzelsau. On Tuesday, November 7, 2006, the moment had come: The new annex of the Hotel-Restaurant Anne Sophie – the so-called “Würzburger Bau” – was opened with a ceremony. The historic building is situated in the old part of Künzelsau, only a few minutes’ walk away from the parent hotel. It is a bed and breakfast hotel through which the number of rooms of Hotel-Restaurant Anne Sophie increases from 12 to 29.

After three successful years, the hotel thus extends its services and continues its concept of an integrated cooperation between handicapped and non-handicapped people in professional life.
Carmen Würth, initiator of this project, as well as Prof. Reinhold Würth, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Würth Group’s Family Trusts, spoke at the official opening ceremony of Würzburger Bau. “The entries in the visitors’ book of Hotel-Restaurant Anne Sophie show that the guests appreciate the special atmosphere of this hotel”, said Carmen Würth in her opening speech. “This is a good sign because it proves that the concept meets with the approval of visitors and guests.”
Volker Lenz, Mayor of Künzelsau, and Stefan Aust, head of Künzelsau’s municipal archives, also wished the hotel the best for the future. The opening was accompanied by musical offerings of flute and string players of the high school Schlossgymnasium Künzelsau. During the subsequent tour, the invited guests had the chance to get an idea of the successful renovations of the former tax office. “I am pleased that we succeeded in transmitting the warm character of Anne Sophie Hotel, which is combined with luxury and elegance, also to the new building”, describes the responsible architect Thomas Müller the biggest challenge when planning and implementing renovation work.

Concept of the Hotel-Restaurant Anne Sophie

Being the only one of its kind in Germany, Hotel-Restaurant Anne Sophie opened its doors in 2003: It was the goal of initiator Carmen Würth to create an institution in Künzelsau which fosters integration and personality development of handicapped people. Hotel-Restaurant Anne Sophie is supposed to enable them to actively take part in social life and to have a useful job. The building in the old part of Künzelsau houses a hotel, a restaurant with café, a vaulted cellar for events as well as a seminar area. At present, 18 handicapped people are employed in services at the hotel (including Würzburger Bau). They work together with 21 non-handicapped colleagues. They are trained by staff which is both gastronomically and pedagogically qualified in order to teach them how to work on their own in the fields of kitchen work, service and room service. Operating authority of the institution is Anne-Sophie GmbH, the Managing Director of which is Carmen Würth.

Würzburger Bau

Würzburger Bau (located in Scharfengasse 6 in the old part of Künzelsau) was built in 1710 to be an administrative center of the Bishopric of Würzburg. In 1930, consul Otto Uebele, honorary citizen of Künzelsau, gave his town the building as a present. Between 1936 and 2005, Würzburger Bau was used as tax authority until Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG bought it in 2005.
The façade of Würzburger Bau still is in its historic original state whereas the rooms of the building have been changed several times in the course of time. The recent renovations – being marked by the protection of historic buildings – were carried out by about 40 local craft businesses in the time between June and October 2006. On behalf of the building owner, Carmen Würth accompanied the work. Civil engineer Paul Krämer of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG was responsible for the project management. Construction work was planned by the architect’s office H + T Müller of Öhringen and its site manager Igor Hess.
Würzburger Bau, as an extension of Hotel-Restaurant Anne Sophie, offers guests 17 comfortably furnished double rooms, a breakfast room as well as a large conference room with fireplace. The custom-made interior furnishings lend a both warm and elegant atmosphere to the hotel. There are two rooms accessible for wheelchairs; furthermore, the hotel has an elevator and parking lots under video surveillance. In addition to that, Würzburger Bau disposes of a confectioner’s shop belonging to the hotel which creates home-made cakes, gateaus and pastries not only for guests but also delivers them to Panorama Hotel in Waldenburg as well as Sudhaus and Kunsthalle Würth in Schwäbisch Hall.