Würth Group Cancels Sponsoring Contract with Active Bay

Künzelsau/Hohenlohe Region. As of now, the Würth Group terminates its sports sponsoring commitment for the cycling team Astana-Würth (formerly LibertySeguros-Würth; owner is Active Bay). With this, the company reacts to the suspending of individual cyclists and the resulting withdrawal of the team from Tour de France 2006.

After it was announced on Saturday that the team won’t participate in Tour de France, the terms of the sponsoring contract aren’t fulfilled any more on the part of the team owner Active Bay. As a consequence, the Würth Group stops supporting the team with immediate effect.

Already when the fist suspicious circumstances against the former team of LibertySeguros-Würth became known, Würth had announced that it would not continue supporting the team of cyclists if it was excluded from the competitions.