First Four Months of the Current Business Year 2006

  • Würth continues to grow by double-digit figures: Sales increase by 12.2 percent
  • Operating result grows disproportionately to sales
  • New monthly sales record in March
  • Share in the International Bankhaus Bodensee AG is increased

Künzelsau/Hohenlohe Region. "We continue to grow by two-digit figures", Chairman of the Board of Directors Robert Friedmann comments on the growth dynamism of the trading group in the first four months of the financial year 2006. In this period of time, the Würth Group stepped up its sales by 12.2 percent to EUR 2.5 billion compared to the same period under review last year.

In March 2006, we managed to achieve a new monthly sales record. With EUR 698 million, the standard was set higher after the last record in September 2005. Abroad, sales went up 13.9 percent to EUR 1.5 billion in the first four months. The German Group improved sales by 9.6 percent to EUR 982 million. By the end of the year, the Würth Group intends to push up sales by 10 percent to EUR 7.6 billion. The Würth Group continues to grow profitably: The operating result was enhanced disproportionately to the sales. According to the sales reported, the forecasted profit for the first four months of 2006 is at EUR 188 million (+22.9 percent). The Würth Group expects to achieve an operating result of EUR 515 million. This would correspond to a rise of around 13 percent. These figures were published when the annual financial statement for the business year 2005 was presented on Thursday, 11 May 2006.The Würth Group intends to continue the global extension of the sales team and hire new sales representatives in 2006. Compared to the same period under review of last year, Würth had over 1,000 additional sales representatives on its payroll as of 30 April 2006. So the company had a total of 52,085 employees (+5.9 percent) on board, of which 28,033 (+3.9) worked in the sales force. The number of in-house staff (+1,847) went up, among other things, because of the acquisitions made by the company in the first four months of 2006.The Würth Group - since May 2005 new shareholder of Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee AG (IBB) with 44.76 percent of the shares – took over further shares, which had been held by Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) so far, in January 2006. So now, the Würth Group has a share of 88.55 percent and is main shareholder of IBB. Taking this step the company has made headway in building up a mostly independent financial service sector.In 2006, the Würth Group purchased three trading companies in order to complement the global market orientation. One of them is the Canadian company McFadden's Hardwood & Hardware Inc., which is to bridge the geographical gap of the Würth Line in the Wood Division in East Canada. Then James Glen PTY Ltd., a company from the field of stainless steel was purchased in Australia. This helps to enhance our market presence in Oceania. Apart from that, the Würth Group bought the Brazilian firm SoW. Diesel Ltda. A trading company offering logistics services to industry customers.