Inauguration of New Representative House

On Tuesday, 28th March 2006, the new Representative House of the Würth Group, the “Würth Office Brussels“, was opened up in the Baden-Wurttemberg EU Representation in Brussels.

170 prominent representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, European Economic Representatives and Embassies followed Professor Dr. h. c. Reinhold Würth’s invitation to the opening ceremony of the “Würth Office Brussels“.Nine ambassadors accredited to the European Union gave Würth the privilege as representatives of 25 European member countries in which the Würth Group does business.In his welcome speech Robert Friedmann, Spokesman of the Board of Directors of the Würth Group, pointed out that although the Würth Group is active in 81 countries worldwide 84 % of total sales are generated in Europe and 86 % of the more than 51.000 employees work in European Würth companies.
“Against this background the Würth Group is of course interested in being represented in Brussels by an own representation office. Apart from its worldwide activities the Würth Group strives to grow further in Europe. It would therefore be very helpful to have a standard legal foundation throughout Europe”, Robert Friedmann said. “In cooperation with other growth-strong European regions Würth considers its commitment in Brussels a little contribution to strengthen the economic power of Baden-Wurttemberg.”In his speech Willi Stächele, Minister of the Ministry of State and for European Affairs of the land Baden-Wurttemberg, honoured Würth’s commitment for the country and sent best regards and wishes on behalf of the Prime Minister of Baden-Wurttemberg, Mr. Günther Oettinger. In his function as first householder of the Representation of Baden-Wurttemberg in the European Union, Stächele heartily welcomed the new neighbour in the Representation Baden-Wurttemberg. “Würth as well as Bosch and EnBW – the new neighbours in the Representation Baden-Wurttemberg – are not only figureheads of our country but in addition ensure further economic prosperity of the land Baden-Wurttemberg in the global competition through their enormous entrepreneurial spirit.” Manfred Kurz, head of the “Würth Office Brussels“ and the capital representation house, the “Würth House Berlin“, which opened up in 2002, pointed out the interplay between economy, society and policy: “Each company, independent of its size, affects its social environment through its staff, customers, suppliers as well as its civil-social activities. This is the reason why a company is more than the sum of purchasing-, sales- and bookkeeping departments. It is rather citizen and neighbour and has to meet its civil-social responsibility. Therefore economy and policy do good to stay interesting. A small company finds its appropriate contact in town halls but a company of the size and international growth potential of Würth needs contact partners appropriate to their scope. This was another reason to establish the “Würth Office Brussels”.
In his remarkable speech on the company Würth the company founder Professor Dr. h. c. Reinhold summarized the company history annotated by some anecdotes from his 52 years in profession, its first modest steps up to its present market position as global player. He pointed out that authoritarian governmental decrees, European guidelines and law initiatives neither ensure economic power nor social progress. The human being has always been central point of entrepreneurial activities. Also the economy as part of community is to serve people and society. Without enthusiasm, diligence and visions of each individual employee a company will always remain piecemeal. “Basically it is always the contact with people that makes life valuable.“ All guests of the opening ceremony agreed that the “Würth Office Brussels“ will contribute a lot to the economic and political development of Europe. Framed by an entrancing concert of the Philharmonie der Nationen (Philharmony of Nations) under the direction of Justus Frantz, there was time to encounter and discuss till the late evening. All guests agreed that the first appearance of Würth in the European centre was a striking highlight in the city Brussels which is blessed with many receptions and soirees.