The Business Year 2005 of the Würth Group

  • The sales volume of the Würth Group grows double-digit to the new record mark of EUR 6.89 billion
  • The operating result grows proportionately to the growth in sales to EUR 440 million
  • The number of employees has risen to 50,000

Künzelsau/Hohenlohe Region. In 2005, the Würth Group celebrated its 60th company anniversary and continued writing successful company history. The business year 2005 could be closed with a new record result. The worldwide leading trading company for fasteners and assembly material based in Künzelsau (Hohenlohe Region) increased its sales, in accordance with the provisional financial statement, by 11.1 percent to the new record of EUR 6.89 billion. Adjusted for exchange rates and acquired companies the organic growth amounted to 8.3 percent.

The development of sales in Germany was also very positive in 2005: The growth rate of the Würth Group in Germany equaled 9.6 percent and sales rose to EUR 2.77 billion. Outside Germany, the sales volume increased by 12.0 percent to EUR 4.12 billion.

Compared to the previous year the operating result clearly improved and grew proportionately to the sales. According to provisional calculations the result for the financial year 2005 will be between EUR 440 and 450 million (previous year: EUR 395m).

In the business year 2005, the Würth Group did not only expand in the field of sales but also concerning its number of employees. Another milestone was taken when the 50,000 employee was hired in the month of October. At the end of the year 2005, the Würth Group had 50,767 employees on its payroll worldwide. Compared to the preceding year the number of employees consequently rose by 3,794 (8.1 percent). In Germany, the number of employees increased by 2.3 percent to a total of 14,263. The number of sales representatives went up by 5.4 percent to 27,488 worldwide. In the internal company area the number of employees grew by 11.4 percent to a total of 23,279, of which 1,145 jobs were added through the acquisition of companies.

The company is going to publish the definite annual statement of the Würth Group for the financial year 2005 at its annual press conference that will take place in Künzelsau on Wednesday, 11th May 2006.