Award of Royal Order to Prof. Reinhold Würth

On Friday, 18 November 2005, Professor Reinhold Würth was appointed officer in the order of Oranien-Nassau on the basis of a royal decision

Professor Reinhold Würth received the royal award from the mayor of the town of ‚s-Hertogenbosch Dr. A.G.J.M. Rombouts after the award of the Erasmus Prize at the Palace Noordeinde in Den Haag. The reason for the award is the outstanding achievement of Professor Reinhold Würth, who has turned a two-man business into a group of companies with 50,000 employees in 81 countries within 50 years. An essential part of the success of the Würth Group can also be attributed to the steady growth of the Dutch subsidiary: In 2004, Würth Nederland B.V. succeeded in generating a sales volume of EUR 78 million with a staff of 700 employees. With this Würth Nederland B.V. managed to position itself among the biggest international companies of the Würth Group. Würth Nederland B.V. was founded in 1962 as the Würth Group’s first company abroad. In the meantime it has about 50,000 customers in the Netherlands. Until today, the company essentially contributes to the creation of jobs in the Netherlands.

Art and culture play a central role in the corporate culture of Würth and are – as part of the company’s social and cultural commitment – firmly established in it. At the beginning of the 60-s, Professor Reinhold Würth started to collect works of art from the 20th and 21st century. Meanwhile, his collection comprises over 8,000 exhibits and is consequently one of the biggest private collections in Europe at the moment. The pictures, drawings and sculptures are exhibited in nine Würth Museums. Aim of the museum activities is to convey more quality of life and work to the employees and to public also outside of cultural centers. This integration of art and culture was further intensified through the opening of the museum “Kunstlocatie Würth” in the new administrative building of Würth Nederland B.V., where exhibitions with exhibits from the Würth collection will be organized ever year. Furthermore, Würth Nederland B.V. has already been supporting various art projects and projects on a socio-cultural level for several years.