Total of 4,090 Years of Work Celebrated in Waldenburg

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG honored 282 employees for their loyalty to the company

Künzelsau. An important component of the corporate culture of Würth is that every year the company honors its employees celebrating a company anniversary. This year, the Künzelsau-based company again honored all employees who have been working ten years and more for the company. This year, a series of novelties marked the celebration that had been organized by marbet event agency at the multi-purpose hall in Waldenburg. Musical greetings by the Würth choir, entertaining video clips, a nice anniversary brochure and short speeches: The new concept for honoring the employees celebrating a company anniversary met with great approval by the guests. “What we want in our company is the creation of an ambience of wellbeing that is supposed to find its expression also in this celebration", Reinhold Würth underlined.

The human being, or better to say the human being at Würth, was in the focus of the evening. In his welcome speech, Robert Friedmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Würth Group, clearly showed that the employees celebrating an anniversary at Würth are the “key players of the company”, who found their professional home at Würth for at least 10 years. Mr. Friedmann also went briefly into the current situation of the company and, being applauded by the audience, he declared that the Würth Group has returned to double-digit success course and will hire its 50,000th employee in the coming weeks. With a sales volume of EUR 4.5bn and a growth of 11.1 percent per end of August the company clearly lies above last year’s values. Peter Zürn, Spokesman of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, stated that his company had also returned to the road to success. He thanked everybody for his/her loyalty and the personality contributed.

“Today, a total of 4,090 working years are celebrated in this place", said Hans-Peter Humm, Vice Chairman of the company’s Council of Confidence. He said that many of the employees who were invited to the celebration hadn’t come for the first time. “Those employees have not only contributed to the successful shaping of the company in the past, but guarantee the success of the business still today. “

One of the highlights of that evening was the honoring of Adolf Irro and Günther Erb. Both of them have been working for the company for 40 years. Reinhold Würth himself came to honor them. “I feel great thankfulness and high respect for your achievements." In his words of welcome he drew the listeners’ attention to the dangers and negative effects that may emerge in the age of computers with regard to human relationships and contacts. “Würth is not driven by computers, but by you, the human beings”, is what Mr. Würth stressed. And he appealed to the employees: “Let’s do our very best to keep up contacts to each other that are really characterized by humanity.”