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The sport sponsoring concept of the Würth Group

Since 1977, the Würth Group has been pursuing a well-targeted sport-sponsoring strategy. The world market leader of fastening and assembly technology headquartered in Künzelsau/Region of Hohenlohe is now partner of selected teams of car-racing sports, Nordic skiing and cycling.


When selecting its partners Würth is acts according to its models and its corporate culture, which has been shaped in the course of many decades. Knowingly Würth exclusively supports team sports which correspond to its own global team spirit in the company. Each team and each sport financially supported by the Würth Group set themselves apart through their dynamism, performance, precision as well as courage and the use of state-of-the-art technology.
The idea behind sponsoring internationally renowned teams of different types of sport is to make the Würth brand more widely known. The most important aspect is the continuously enhanced presence of the company through TV and press coverage. With the help of this sponsorship the Würth products are intentionally linked with emotions. So the high product quality of the over 100,000 products of the Würth Group will be supported.

The Concept behind the Sport-sponsoring Strategy

Würth supports teams whose races or competitions are a big event. The company invites customers and business partners to these sports events. Doing so the customers can be rewarded for their longstanding loyalty with an extraordinary program. With the help of that intensive and long-term customer ties strived for.
Würth also integrates its employees in the sponsoring concept. As a consequence, they can identify much better with the company. This has a positive effect on the corporate culture. Würth also endeavors to directly involve the region in the sponsorship. This has not least a positive impact on the promotion of junior sportspeople.

Present Highlight of Sport Sponsoring at Würth


Since 2000, the Würth Group has been very committed to cycling. For four years, the company had been co-sponsor of the Spanish ONCE team of professional cyclists. In 2005, Würth has intensified its partnership with the team succeeding ONCE. The company is now co-sponsoring the team of Liberty Seguros Würth and its name now also forms part of the team name. Würth also supports its own team of under-23-year-old cyclists. In addtition to that Würth has been official main sponsor of the Tour de Suisse, one of the most well-known cycling tours in the world and the biggest sport event in Switzerland.

Car Racing

Since 1 September 2004, the Würth Group has been official supplier of the BMW Williams F1 Team. The company provides the BMW team with tools and fasteners of top quality. BMW has the same requirements on quality, innovation and service life as the Assembly Professionals from Künzelsau. It is especially for that reason that both sides benefit a great deal from this partnership in state-of-the-art technology.
For five years now Würth and the German Car Racing Championships (DTM) have been partners. No matter if it is Mercedes, Audi or Opel – all teams have one thing in common: All types of Würth products underneath their optimized aerodynamic car bodies. Without any exception, all teams are customers in Künzelsau – some of them are even partner businesses.

Nordic Skiing

Since the 2002/2003 season, Würth has also been partner of the German Nordic skiing team. “Just a matter of technology” – this slogan describes the shared interests of the partners. No matter whether it is in winter sports or at Würth, to be successful you need to have the right technique. However, this also implies that you have to continue to develop and thus prepare the ground for innovation so that you are ahead of the competition. Both for the athletes of the German Skiing Association and for the people at Würth the question of technique is the foundation of the daily business.


In addition to stadiums in Europe and stadiums of the German Federal League, Würth has also been committing itself to sponsoring football pitches in its home region of Hohenlohe. For the Würth Group has never forgotten how everything started. Prof. Reinhold Würth, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Würth Group, turned a one-man operation into a successful global player Therefore, the Würth Group clearly knows that the well-targeted promotion of promising talents today is decisive for being able to have outstanding key players tomorrow.