The New Golf V Is Built with Special Parts from Ernsbach

Würth subsidiary Arnold & Shinjo GmbH & Co. KG celebrates 10 years in business – Europe-wide provider to automobile industry – Tool-trading company builds new company edifice in the Niedernhall industrial estate Waldzimmern

Forchtenberg-Ernsbach. The Künzelsau-based Würth Group now comprises 314 companies worldwide. Not all of them are big and well-know names. Size alone is no benchmark for the success of a company. Arnold & Shinjo GmbH & Co. KG provides the evidence. The Würth subsidiary in Forchtenberg-Ernsbach celebrates its 10th company anniversary now.

Arnold & Shinjo was established as subsidiary of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG in December 1994, and develops and sells tools for the production of sheet-metal parts. Among its customers you will find renowned automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. The slightly unorthodox name of the company stems from the merger of two businesses, the Ernsbach-based company Arnold Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG and the Japanese licenser Shinjo MFG Co. Ltd.
At the beginning there was the idea to introduce the system of punch nuts, which is already well-established in Japan, in the European market. It was quite a success. Today, Arnold & Shinjo does not only supply special tools but also the corresponding system technology. Following this approach, the Forchtenberg-based company has turned from a mere trading company to a specialized service provider, who supports his customers in the planning, construction and implementation process of their tools for the production of sheet-metal parts. In the new Golf V alone some 80 punch nuts from Arnold & Shinjo are used. The company supplies its products to customers all over Europe and overseas.

In the business year 2004, Arnold & Shinjo attained a sales volume of 9.5 million euro and employs some 21 individuals at its Ernsbach plant. At Arnold & Shinjo, everything points towards growth. In 2005, a new corporate building will be constructed in the newly established industrial estate Waldzimmern in Niedernhall. The warehouse, which is currently separated from the production floor and the office buildings due to a lack of space, will adjoin them again.