A Pioneer and Entrepreneur in the Sense of Rudolf Diesel

Bavaria’s secretary of state Thomas Goppel awards Reinhold Würth with the Diesel Medal in gold in Munich – Celebration in the Hall of Honors of Deutsches Museum – Life-time achievements honored

Munich/Künzelsau. The list of high-level awards for Reinhold Würth is long. Now the exemplary entrepreneur from Hohenlohe was awarded another important prize: the Diesel Medal in gold.

With this award by the board of trustees of the German Institute of Inventions Reinhold Würth stands in one row with such famous German personalities like Ernst Heinkel, Claudius Dornier, Gottlieb Bauknecht, Wernher von Braun, Ludwig Bölkow or Ernst Wankel. They all stand for pioneering innovations and inventions and are bearers of the Diesel Medal in gold.

Within the framework of official celebrations at the hall of honor of the German Museum, Mr. Thomas Goppel, Bavaria’s secretary of state for science, research and art, awarded the Diesel Medal in gold to Professor Reinhold Würth in front of 300 guests. Since 1952, the Diesel Medal has been awarded. It was initiated in memory of Rudolf Diesel, one of the great pioneers and inventors. The award does not only honor the scientific importance and performance of inventions, but also and above all its relevance for the national economy and its entrepreneurial implementation.

“The impressive figures of the Würth Group alone show that an inventor, pioneer and entrepreneur in the sense of Rudolf Diesel stands before us", stated Ingo Kober the retired President of the European Patent Office in his eulogy on Reinhold Würth. His comprehensive achievement and the fundamental energy behind it are the essence of his significance. “The power and the sustainability of the idea and its implementation are the actual inventive activity”. The speaker paid tribute to the lifetime achievement of Reinhold Würth, who has a special feel for “the greatest innovative power being the result of imagination”.

In his joyful eulogy, which was presented in a charming and self-confident way (”Bavaria is something like the anticipated globalized development”), secretary of state Thomas Goppel underlined the correlation between innovation and economic success. With respect to the entrepreneur from Hohenlohe Mr. Goppel stated: “Reinhold Würth was a role model for this". According to Mr. Goppel, innovation guarantees prosperity. “An innovative spirit is the raw material of our country, and on top it is inexhaustible".

In a self-critical fashion, Mr. Goppel accepted the reproach to politics, which prevents courageous people from founding companies by way of bureaucracy and the determination to regulate everything. “The reproach is justified. But we have to change the situation together“, Mr. Goppel said. His appeal: “Help us to do away with bureaucracy and spoon-feeding".

Apart from Reinhold Würth five more personalities received the Diesel Medal in gold this year. For the first time in its 50-year history the medal was awarded to a woman. Sybill Storz, Günther Kampichler, Prof. Anton Kathrein, Jörgen Skafte Rasmussen and Prof. Fritz Sennheiser.