Lasting Partnership instead of Populist Nine Days' Wonder

Schloss-Gymnasium high school in Künzelsau and Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG signed first agreement on partnership of learning in the region of Hohenlohe

Künzelsau. Not only for the pupils but also for the teachers of Künzelsau high school Schloss-Gymnasium was the start into the new school year on Monday exceptionally exciting. Bärbel Dietz, the principal of the school had invited all teachers to a staff conference in the refectory at 9 a.m. There she did not only welcome the 35 teachers of her school but also various representatives of the free economy to the big round. The central topic of the extraordinary teachers' conference was an agreement of cooperation within the framework of the partnership of learning "School and Economy" signed between Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG and Schloss-Gymnasium Künzelsau.

The partnership of learning "COURSE 21 - Schools Undertake Future" is a joint project of the Institute Enterprise & School and Wuppertal-based Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. COURSE 21 stands for the network of cooperation between regional enterprises and schools under the motto of sustainability. Patroness is the Baden-Württemberg minister of education and cultural affairs Annette Schavan. In the meantime, there are 19 partnerships of learning in Baden-Württemberg, but the project between the trading business Würth and Schloss-Gymnasium is the first one in the Hohenlohe region.

"We have passed a long way, but we have now realized that new ideals have become necessary, as many things are not ideal", said Bärbel Dietz right at the beginning of the little ceremony and with this alluded to the urgency of such a project as well as to the initially slightly difficult approach between schools and the free economy. Meanwhile, the "children's illnesses" have been overcome and so the principal called on the teachers as well as the representatives of the economy to start to learn from each other. Together with Bernd Herrmann, Managing Director of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG and Thomas Weise from the Institute "Enterprise & School" the principal of the high school then signed the cooperation agreement on the joint project.

The "COURSE 21 concept" includes that in the course of their school days the pupils gain insights in the world of employment of neighbored partner companies from the perspective of the most different subjects such as physics, technology, social studies/politics, languages, mathematics, information technology or art. Contents of the partnerships of learning are economical, ecological and social aspects of economizing. The project will also deal with questions of vocational orientation with the aim to find the right profession.

Thomas Wagner, head of the training department of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG called it a "milestone in the development of the region" and expressed that this commitment is not a populist "nine days' wonder" for the Würth Company but that the company is striving for a lasting partnership. He stated that it was the company's aim to show the pupils of Schloss-Gymnasium the real world of employment using the example of the Würth Company. "Changes in the system of education make an essentially improved basis possible that is needed for a joint development and cooperation between schools and enterprises" said Wagner. The better networking between schools, the economy and the world of employment is also a special concern of Professor Reinhold Würth. Therefore, the company has been very active in various schools of the region for years already.

Thomas Weise from the Institute "Enterprise & School" expressed that the project aimed at the regular school classes and that it was intended to be run on a long-term basis. Weise: "We do not want a flash in the pan. For us, sustainability is in the focus."

The principal Bärbel Dietz really succeeded in surprising her colleagues at the beginning of the new school year. Both parties discussed about the great number of thinkable approaches and ideas of implementation after having signed the cooperation agreement.