Press Conference

5. Robert Friedmann Takes Over from Dr. Walter Jaeger As Chairman of the Board Of Directors

Künzelsau/Hohenlohe Region. The Foundation Supervisory Board, in conjunction with the Advisory Board of the Würth Group, appointed Robert Friedmann to the Board of Directors of the Würth Group with effect from 1st April, 2004. The 37-year-old sales and marketing specialist will also succeed Dr. Walter Jaeger as spokesman of the Board of Directors - which now numbers 5 individuals - as of 1st June 2005.

Dr. Walter Jaeger is retiring on 31st May, 2005 following more than 15 years service within the Würth Group - 12 of which were spent as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dr. Jaeger will mark his 60th birthday in the year of Würth's 60th anniversary celebrations in 2005. The momentous staff-related decision was taken by the Foundation Supervisory Board and the Advisory Board in order to ensure a smooth and timely generation change among the top executives within the Würth Group.

Dr. Walter Jaeger first entered Würth on 1st October,1989 after having worked alongside the company as an independent accountant and auditor for many years. Following the withdrawal of Reinhold Würth from active duties and his acceptance of the chairmanship of the Advisory Board, Dr. Jaeger was appointed to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors on 1st January 1994.

In addition to his duties as Chairman, Dr. Jaeger also holds responsibility for strategic company planning, finance and controlling as well as for the direction of strategic business units. Under his management, the sales of the Würth Group quintupled from 1.05 billion euro in 1989 to today's figure of 5.45 billion euro.

Vita of Robert Friedmann

Robert Friedmann was born on 10th July 1966 in Lindau (Lake Constance). He is married and has two sons. After obtaining his intermediate high-school certificate, he undertook an internship as an industrial clerk between 1983 and 1985. After taking evening classes he acquired a technical college qualification in the years 1985 to 1986. He subsequently completed his period of mandatory military service.

Between 1988 and 1991 Friedmann studied business at the Technical College of Pforzheim und was awarded the title "Graduate in Business Management". This was followed in 1992 by a successfully-completed Master in Business Administration at the University of Indiana in Bloomington, USA.

In September 1992, he commenced work at Würth in the capacity of assistant to Rolf Bauer, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors. Robert Friedmann proceeded to work for the International Automotive Division and the German Automotive Division. In 1997 he transferred to the tool dealer HAHN+KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH in Stuttgart, a subsidiary of the Würth Group, where he was employed as the head of the sales and marketing department.

In June 2000, he was appointed to join the Board of Management and in the following year he was made Chairman of the Board of Management of HAHN+KOLB Werkzeuge GmbH. Prior to his transfer to the Würth Group in Künzelsau he acted as chair of the Board of Directors of the HAHN+KOLB Group, whose membership numbered 4 individuals. The HAHN+KOLB Group employs 471 individuals at present and generated sales of 138 million euro in the 2003 financial year.