Würth Group Generates Sales Record

  • Sales increase of 1.5 percent
  • Increase of the operating result compared to previous year
  • Number of employees grows to 41,952

Künzelsau/Hohenlohe Region. Despite the weak economy the Würth Group generated a new sales record in the business year 2003. The worldwide leading trading company for fasteners and assembly material based in Künzelsau (Hohenlohe Region) increased its sales, in accordance with the provisional financial statement, by 1.5 percent to the new record of EUR 5.44 billion. The currency-adjusted growth amounted to 4.4 percent.

"The sales record confirms the business policy of the past two years, in which the company strongly invested in the expansion of the sales force despite the difficult market environment", stated Dr. Walter Jaeger, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Würth Group. In the financial year 2003, 1,525 sales representatives were hired around the world.

Outside Germany, the sales volume of the trading company increased by 2.7 percent to EUR 3.2 billion. Adjusted on the exchange rate fluctuations of the dollar international sales went up by 7.5 percent. In Germany, the trading business in the field of assembly and fastening material continues to suffer from the weak economy in the construction business and related businesses. In Germany, the sales of the Würth Group dropped by 0.2 percent to EUR 2.2 billion.

Compared to the previous year the operating result improved and grew disproportionately to the sales. According to preliminary calculations it is between EUR 300 and 320 million and thus over six percent higher than in the preceding year (EUR 281 million).

At the end of the year, the Würth Group had 41,952 people on its payroll worldwide. Compared to the previous year this is an increase by 2,143 employees (+5.4 percent). In the sales force, the number of sales representatives increased by 6.9 percent to a total of 23,494. The number of in-house staff went up 3.5 percent (618 employees) to 18,458.

At the moment, the Würth Group is active with 294 companies in 80 countries of the world.