The Würth Rod – a car, an artwork, a man's dream

Künzelsau/Böheimkirchen. In cooperation with Würth Austria, the internationally renown airbrush artist Knud Tiroch realized an extraordinary project: within a year, he built the Würth Rod. A hot rod is an especially modified, mostly US-American car model from the 1930s or 1940s. A 1929 Ford Model A pick-up truck is the basis of the modified vintage car of Würth.

As an artwork on four wheels, the Würth Rod represents corporate values that are timeless: Reliability, high quality and precise craftsmanship. "The Würth Rod makes clear what can be done when quality and passion intertwine. A business relationship between customers and employees as equal partners makes our daily work even more emotional", says Alfred Wurmbrand, Managing Director of Würth Austria.

The vehicle is made of aluminum, steel and wood. A long-standing and enthusiastic Würth customer, Knud Tiroch only used Würth tools to build it. Moreover, he used screws, chemical products and cleaning agents as well as sound insulation panels from the Würth range.

"I knew right from the start what I wanted to express with the Würth Rod. I have been a Würth fan for years because I have been using their products for many years – I know the Würth spirit in and out. I know the quality they sell – and we are talking premium quality. I am not building a car – rather is it an artwork, a unique item, a sculpture – and if the sculpture happens to drive that's ok with me," says Tiroch.

At the moment, the Würth Rod is showcased at Automechanika trade fair. This fair currently takes place in Frankfurt and continues through 20 September. The Würth Rod was presented to the public for the first time on 5 September at the event center St. Pölten, Austria. In the future, the Würth Rod will be showcased at different trade fairs and events of the Würth Group, for instance in the pick-up shops.