Freie Schule Anne-Sophie held information evening for teachers

Künzelsau. On Tuesday, 18 November 2008, Freie Schule Anne-Sophie held an information evening for teachers on its Taläcker campus in Künzelsau. More than 200 student teachers and teachers seized the opportunity to get an idea of the job as learning coach at a private school with special educational concept.

Frieder Münz, principal of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie, and Peter Fratton, consultant and principal of the primary level of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie, welcomed the visitors at a reception in the school’s assembly hall. Subsequently, they presented the concept of the school which focuses on autonomous learning in houses for different age groups and explained the principles the concept is based on: Learning as a form of human existence and a carefully designed environment as regards architecture, social interaction, organization and structure. During the subsequent tour of the campus the teachers gained an insight into the learning, thinking and working method at the school. The discussion round at the end of the event started a lively exchange between the participants and the representatives of the school.

“The positive response our invitation to the information evening met with shows the great interest of many teachers in our school”, said Frieder Münz. “After the successful start with 350 children on the Taläcker campus in September 2008 we now intend to expand our activities even further with the beginning of the next school year.” For both the primary and the secondary school level the school is therefore searching for additional learning coaches from elementary school, Hauptschule (five-year secondary schools preparing students for vocational qualifications), Realschule (six-year secondary schools preparing students for apprenticeships) and Gymnasium (grammar schools preparing students for university).

Freie Schule Anne-Sophie: The educational concept

“Every child stepping on this new path of learning is to leave Freie Schule Anne-Sophie as a winner!”, Bettina Würth describes her motivation to found the school.

Freie Schule Anne-Sophie is a private school with all-day care for all school careers - from preschool to high-school diploma. The school has its own educational concept. It offers a learning environment designed for individual, autonomous and target-oriented learning.

Every learning partner (student) is to be given the opportunity to go his/her own way at his/her own pace, thus reaching his/her own goals. Learning coaches (teachers) promote and demand performance of the students. In order to achieve this individuality as regards learning, the school’s architecture and structure has been formed in such a way that there are manifold inspirations that trigger off independent learning.

“Autonomous learning in an especially designed environment and with a respectful way of dealing with each other”, is an essential principle in the concept of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie. Education here means to design the environment in such a way that students may learn, think and act in a target-oriented and relaxed manner, however, in their own way. The architecture of the new buildings of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie is supposed to meet this demand.