Magician who makes people listen to classical music with different ears: Gustavo Dudamel is awarded Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland 2008

Künzelsau/Baden-Baden. On Saturday, 13 September 2008, Gustavo Dudamel was awarded the Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland 2008 within the framework of an award ceremony at Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.

The high-profile conductor received the prize at a concert which the Simón Bolívar National Youth Orchestra of Venezuela gave under his direction on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Festspielhaus Baden-Baden. Dudamel received the award for his commitment to the exemplary system of musical education of his home country of Venezuela and for his outstanding talent to inspire people for classical music.Prof. Dr. Harald Unkelbach, Member of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group, said in his eulogy: "Today, we honor with the Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland an extremely successful conductor who has always remained true to his musical roots and has turned into a figurehead of the Venezuelan children and youth orchestra system.“

Dr. Hans-Herwig Geyer, President of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland, agreed: “When we discovered the then unknown Venezuelan youth orchestra with its director Gustavo Dudamel eight years ago, we knew that he was going to influence the life of music greatly.”

„Gustavo Dudamel is a magician who makes us listen to classical music in a different way,“ the jury said when giving the reasons for the award. “He has the charisma to allow an access to music little-known in Europe, which is characterized by a direct will of expression, by the joy in brilliant perfection and delightful tonality.”

Information: Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland

The Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland that is endowed with EUR 10,000 this year is one of the most exclusive awards in the German musical scene. Since the year 1991, the Charitable Würth Trust has been awarding the prize in cooperation with Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland e. V. to outstanding individuals, ensembles or projects showing particular commitment to the development of young people with musical talent. The prize winners are chosen by the Board of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland in coordination with Deutscher Musikrat (German music council). The Charitable Würth Trust met Gustavo Dudamel already in the year 2000 when the National Children’s Orchestra of Venezuela was presented the Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland.

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