SWG celebrates 40th company anniversary and inaugurates new production hall

Waldenburg. On 6 October 2007, SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH celebrated its 40th company anniversary and the inauguration of a new production hall - another milestone in the successful company history of the Würth Group’s first production company.

After the ca. 220 invited guests were given the opportunity to go on a tour of the new building of Hall North, the actual ceremony started off, finding its culmination in the ceremonial address by Professor Reinhold Würth. After that, a show cooking with Olaf Pruckner, Michelin-starred chef of Altes Amtshaus Restaurant in Ailringen, and well-known TV chef Stefan Marquard entertained the guests and took care of their needs for sustenance with culinary highlights. Fireworks and the following casual conclusion of the evening rounded off the festivities.

The company was founded in 1958 when Professor Reinhold Würth started to build up a screw production business for Würth in Künzelsau. In 1962, the company moved to Gaisbach. The company became legally independent in 1967. In 1988/89, the business moved to a new location in Waldenburg, where it has remained till today. After the clear division of the profit centers Production and Trade in 1991 both fields developed successfully. This success has continued to this day. The business units of Trade and Production currently have 307 employees on their payroll and in 2007 they intend to generate a sales volume of EUR 80 million in total.

This is particularly underlined by the highly positive sales development of the profit center Production from EUR 11 million in 1990 to EUR 45 million in 2006. While the company had produced 1.1 billion screws in 1995, it increased its production by 2006 to a total of 2.5 billion screws per year. Over this period, the number of employees went up from 93 to 160.

After this positive development had led to the construction of a new building already in 2001, another extension of the production area has now become necessary to meet the requirements of the future and to pave the way for further successful growth. The construction of the new production hall is a clear statement by SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH in the era of globalization, evidencing its attachment to the region and the location in Waldenburg.