Musicians par excellence - Würth Prize to Artemis Quartet

Künzelsau/Berlin. On Sunday, 7 October 2007, the Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Germany (JMD) was awarded to Artemis Quartet at the Berliner Philharmonie.

The director of JMD, Hans-Herwig Geyer, called the members of the string quartet that has been celebrated internationally for years “musicians emotionally involving their audience in the emphatic sense.” They express music in an almost plastic and highly emotional way, play without master attitudes for their audience and intensively dedicate themselves to the education of talents. “For Artemis Quartet humans are in the center of music,” Geyer substantiated the decision by the musical association.

Harald Unkelbach, member of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group, called culture an important foundation of our society. He regards it as a civic task of farsighted entrepreneurs to esteem and promote it. Harald Unkelbach sees the cooperation with JMD as a guarantee to identify worthy prize winners time and again.

The Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Germany that is endowed with EUR 15,000 this year is one of the most exclusive awards in the German musical scene. Since 1991, the charitable Würth Trust has been awarding the prize in cooperation with Jeunesses Musicales Germany e.V. It is awarded to artists, ensembles and projects that exemplarily meet the values and fulfill the objectives of JMD. Since 1991, personalities such as conductor Claudio Abbado or the publisher Theo Geißler and ensembles including Junge Deutsche Philharmonie or Ensemble Resonanz have received the award, but also projects such as Venezuela’s young orchestra system or the education program of Berliner Philharmoniker.

Winners of the Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Germany between 1991 and 2007

1991 Dennis Russell Davies
1992 Arcis Quintet
1993 Philip Glass
1994 Nicaragua Project “Casa des los tres Mundos“
1995 Children’s choirs of the “Brundibár“ project
1996 Yakov Kreizberg
1997 Junge Deutsche Philharmonie
1998 Henry W. Meyer
1999 Tabea Zimmermann
2000 National Children’s Orchestra of Venezuela
2001 Claudio Abbado
2002 Ensemble Resonanz
2003 Theo Geißler
2004 Education Program of Berliner Philharmoniker
2005 Philharmonic Orchestra of Nations
2006 Michael Kaufmann
2007 Artemis Quartet

The Charitable Würth Trust

The charitable Würth Trust was founded by Reinhold and Carmen Würth in 1987. The purpose of this foundation is to promote projects of art, culture, research and science as well as projects of education with the help of the yields from the trust capital. Currently, the trust capital amounts to EUR 3.86 million.

The charitable Würth Trust develops own activities and promotes them with focus on the Hohenlohe Region. Currently, Independent Anne-Sophie School is under construction. It will lead about 700 pupils from pre-school to their high-school diploma.

About two years ago, the Competence Center Economic Education was established, the aim of which is to put economic education more in the focus in the secondary schools providing general education in Baden-Württemberg.
Further regular focuses of promotion in the region are, besides numerous individual promotion activities that are is most of the cases meant as start-up funds, the “Historischer Verein Württemberg-Franken” as well as the “Hohenlohe Cultural Summer” with the violin competition.

At the moment, the charitable Würth Trust awards the following prizes:
Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Germany
Robert-Jacobsen-Prize (sculptor)
Würth Education Prize