Federal President Horst Köhler visits Würth

Künzelsau. On Tuesday, 2 October 2007, Federal President Horst Köhler visited the Würth Group’s headquarters in Künzelsau-Gaisbach in the land of Baden-Württemberg.

The Federal President followed an invitation of Reinhold Würth, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Würth Group’s Family Trusts. The visit formed part of a series of visits Horst Köhler used to get a realistic idea of the current business landscape and situation in Germany. On the day of his visit he arrived from Eisenach, where he had spent the morning at the Opel plant. Erich Pfister, secretary of commerce of the land of Baden-Württemberg, accompanied the Federal President during his visit to the Würth Group.

In the early afternoon, the Federal President met for a talk with representatives of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group and after that he signed the golden visitors’ book of the town of Künzelsau. “We feel very much honored to be given the opportunity to welcome the German Federal President at Würth and to present our company to him”, Reinhold Würth expressed his delight in his welcoming words.

The Federal President showed particular interest in the logistics center in Gaisbach where he made a tour of the warehouse premises. He used the exchange of ideas with the employees from logistics to gain an insight into the core competence of the world’s market leader in the field of assembly and connecting material.

On the agenda was also a talk with trainees from different professional lines at Würth. At the moment, the company has over 1,000 trainees in Germany, which is also a record number for the company. The trainees were particularly interested in knowing the Federal President’s opinion about the future of Germany, the “networking of trainees within the country” as well as about the picture that is painted about Germany in the world. Horst Köhler on his part asked the trainees about their assessment of the educational situation and how they see their chances for finding a job.

It was a great honor for the employees from Würth logistics and an expression of esteem when at the end of the visit a photo was taken of them, together with the Federal President, which in remembrance of that day will find a special place in the company.

On the Würth Group

The Würth Group, which has a market-leading position in its core business, the worldwide trade in assembly and fastening materials, is active in 86 countries with 384 companies and generated sales of EUR 7.748 billion in the fiscal year of 2006. Würth currently has over 60,000 employees on its payroll.