New Offer of Akademie Würth: PhD study course while working also for graduates of Berufskakademie (university of cooperative education) and Fachhochschule (university of applied sciences)

Bad Mergentheim. German universities often make it difficult for students to get a place to study for a PhD while working at the same time. Starting in the summer of 2009, Akademie Würth together with its U.S. American cooperation partner, the University of Louisville, Kentucky, will offer students the possibility to get a doctor’s degree while working.

The curriculum will lead students with a first university degree in business, engineering or natural science to a "PhD in Industrial Engineering".

The study offer is directed at graduates (university, university of applied sciences, accredited university of cooperative education) with several years of professional experience who want to qualify for projects in technical or general management and at the same time strive for receiving their doctor’s degree. Candidates applying for the study course should have the objective to actively promote their personal and professional further development, focusing on technical management while at the same time extending and intensifying their technical and soft skills.

The study course is designed in such a fashion that it can be completed in a maximum of four years while working at the same time. This set-up is unique in the region. One part of the study course will be completed at the University of Louisville within the framework of five four-week summer semester presence periods. The fall and spring semesters will take place during two weekends at the Akademie Würth in Bad Mergentheim.

The University of Louisville is responsible for the content of the study course. After having successfully completed their studies, graduates will receive the U.S. American doctorate called "Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Industrial Engineering", the institution in charge of all the organizational details is Akademie Würth.

On the basis of the resolution of the Conference of German cultural ministers from March 6, 2008, the holder of this academic degree is allowed to carry the abbreviation “Dr.” without any specialist addition as long as the university is represented on the so-called Carnegie List in the United States of America. This is indeed the case with the University of Louisville.

In Germany, graduates of a bachelor study course and graduates with a degree from a university of applied sciences or a university of cooperative education normally cannot take up postgraduate studies leading to a doctorate. The prerequisite for admission to a PhD study course is either a master’s degree or a university diploma. This is why the PhD study course will lead these candidates to the master’s degree first, allowing them to receive the doctorate in a second step.

An informative meeting on the program will take place at the Sudhaus in Schwäbisch Hall on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at 18:00 hrs. For more detailed information on the PhD study course please contact Robert Leuze at Akademie Würth, phone: 07931/91-6720, email: robert.leuze@akademie-wuerth.de.