National Games of Special Olympics Germany - Olympic torch stops at Würth in Künzelsau - Around 100 volunteers of Würth on duty

Künzelsau. The Olympic torch of Special Olympics Germany arrived at Künzelsau on Thursday, 12 June 2008, where it stopped at the headquarters of the Würth Group. In the run-up to Germany's biggest sports event for people with intellectual disability, the National Games 2008, the flame is on tour through Germany. The summer games with over 10,000 registered participants will take place in Karlsruhe from 16 to 20 June. The motto of the games is “Special Olympics – It moves!”

After the official start on 29 May 2008 in front of Reichstag building in Berlin the flame stopped within the framework of a torch run, among others, in Dresden, Düsseldorf, Munich, Mainz and Erfurt. It arrived at Künzelsau in the late afternoon of 12 June. Athletes of Special Olympics Germany took it to the headquarters of the Würth Group where the employees were already waiting for it.

“The Olympic fire is a symbol of peaceful games, the closeness between people as well as for a peaceful world”, said Carmen Würth, Member of the Committee of Special Olympics Germany. “With the torch stopping in Künzelsau we can make our contribution to the Olympic idea and have a share in this wonderful event.” Fritz Wurster, Chairman of Special Olympics Baden-Württemberg, added: “It is a special honor and challenge that the games take place in Baden-Württemberg already for the second time. As the flame bowl that is going to be ignited at the end of the torch run was designed and produced in the workshops of SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH we come full circle in the end. Apart from that, the Würth company and its subsidiaries support us with over 100 volunteers.”

Matthias Holtmann from SWR1 radio interviewed the two representatives of Special Olympics Germany on the stage at the headquarters of the Würth Group. After the stop in Künzelsau, the torch run continues in Bremen and Hamburg before the flame will finally arrive in Karlsruhe. In accordance with the Olympic ceremony it will then ignite the Olympic fire at the opening ceremony of the National Games on 16 June 2008.

Würth commitment for Special Olympics

With a total of 170 national organizations, Special Olympics International is the worldwide biggest sports organization for people with intellectual disability. The national organization Special Olympics Germany offers a training program to athletes throughout the year and organizes the national summer and winter games that take place every second year – the Special Olympics National Games.

The basic idea behind Special Olympics is not just to stay physically fit, but also to develop better self-confidence and self-esteem through sports. The aim is to help people with intellectual disability to be better integrated into the society and to experience the feeling of recognition. Würth is convinced of the basic idea of this special organization and wants to contribute to Special Olympics becoming well-known.

Würth employees as volunteers

As official partner of Special Olympics Germany the Würth Group supports the National Games in Karlsruhe with over 100 employees from various companies of the group. The team from Würth is the second biggest team of volunteers. The volunteers are going to support the games directly at the different venues, e.g. in the serving of meals or in the presentation ceremony. In addition to that, the company puts a black VW bus at the disposal of the games to make the trip of the torch and the escorting team through Germany possible.