Turning the first sod for the new buildings of Free School Anne-Sophie

Künzelsau. On June 25, the time has finally come: Bettina Würth, Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Würth Group and initiator of Free School Anne-Sophie turns the first sod for the new building of the reform-pedagogic school in Künzelsau-Taläcker together with her father Prof. Reinhold Würth, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Würth Group’s Family Trusts. After its foundation in September 2006, the school has temporarily been accommodated in a former agricultural school at Zollstockweg in Künzelsau.

Breaking ground on June 25, 2007 will be the starting signal for the construction of the new buildings of Free School Anne-Sophie. The draft was made by the architect’s office Müller/Djordjevic-Müller from Stuttgart that won the first prize in the architects’ competition for the project. "A draft, which comes up to the expectations on a "place of learning" to a great extent in terms of urban planning as well as function," chair of the jury Prof. Rainer Zinsmeister explained the jury's decision last summer. The architect’s office also sensitively dealt with the requirements of the pedagogic concept. Accordingly, the construction includes small learning and living areas for the pupils that make it easier to keep a general overview. Here the children and young people shall be given the chance to be promoted according to their individual abilities.

The pedagogic concept

Free School Anne-Sophie puts holistic learning in the center of the attention within the framework of the reform-pedagogic teaching method. The objective of this new learning concept is fostering every student based on their individual set of talents. “Every child stepping on this new path of learning is to leave Free School Anne-Sophie as a winner!”, Bettina Würth expressed her hope.

The basic difference to classical teaching methods lies in the consequent mixture of the individual class levels and in the individual way of learning of the pupils. The pupils learn alone as well as in groups.

The director of Free School Anne-Sophie is Mrs. Ulrike von Klitzing, who is the former director of the state elementary school 'Reinhold Würth Grundschule' in Künzelsau-Gaisbach where she has gained extensive knowledge in pedagogics and didactics of elementary schools.

A matter of the heart becomes reality

The completion of the school building is planned for the summer of 2008. It will contain buildings for the elementary school, the secondary level I (elementary and junior high school) of the classes 5 to 10 and the secondary level II as well as a sports hall and indoor swimming pool and a central building with school restaurant, library and assembly hall. “Finally, we have started!” Bettina Würth is pleased about the start of the construction work: “Many people have invested lots of energy and love in the project. I’m so grateful that such a matter of the heart continues taking shape now.”