From Spain, Italy and Greece to the Hohenlohe region - Würth Group hires 29 foreign IT specialists

Künzelsau. The Würth Group hires 29 IT specialists from Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia and Belarus. They are employed with Würth's IT branch Comgroup GmbH working on international Würth Group projects mainly in the field of SAP as well as web presence and e-commerce.

Hiring foreign IT experts is the Würth Group's answer to a shortage of skilled labor in the Hohenlohe region. "Just like other businesses, the Würth Group is currently centralizing its heterogeneous IT structures to be able to meet, among others, the increased requirements of e-business. We therefore need highly qualified specialists who are hard to find in the Hohenlohe region or Germany in general", explains Jürgen Häckel, Managing Director of Comgroup GmbH and Head of the Information Systems Function of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG.

That is why the Würth Group has started to increasingly recruit specialists from abroad. Recruitment is mainly based on direct contacts in the respective countries as well as the participation in relevant trade shows. The candidates are offered to get to know their potential employer as well as the working environment and the colleagues during trial days at the company. The immigrating employees receive a permanent contract, which aims at providing them with the opportunity to live in Germany for the long term. The company actively contributes to integrating the new employees by offering German lessons as well as by supporting them in their dealings with authorities or in their search for a flat.

"The integration of colleagues from other countries is excellent. So far, none of them has returned to their native countries. What is more, the new foreign colleagues are a great enrichment for our corporate culture. We get to know other countries, cultures and ways of thinking by them", says Anastasia Meinikheim, Head of Human Resources at Comgroup GmbH.

200 employees work for the Würth Group at its IT branch Comgroup GmbH in Bad Mergentheim, plus another 113 IT employees at the Group's headquarters in Künzelsau. The Würth Group's demand for IT specialists will remain high also in the future. This year alone, the Group hired 50 new employees in this field.

About the Würth Group

The Würth Group is the world's market leader in its core business, the trade in assembly and fastening materials. It currently consists of more than 400 companies in over 80 countries with roughly 64,000 employees on its payroll. Approximately 30,000 of them are permanently employed sales representatives.

In the Group's core business, the Würth Line, the sales program for craft and industry comprises more than 100,000 products – from screws, screw accessories and anchors over tools to chemical products and personal protective equipment.

The Allied Companies of the Würth Group, which either operate in business areas adjacent to the core business or in diversified business areas, round off the range by offering products for DIY stores, material for electrical installations, electronic components such as circuit boards as well as financial services. They generate approximately 40 percent of the Würth Group's sales volume.

About Comgroup GmbH

Medium-sized and large companies from the most diverse fields rely on the services offered by Comgroup GmbH. The IT services provider having more than 200 employees on its payroll worldwide offers customer-specific IT solutions and advice on SAP applications. In addition to that, the company develops and implements e-commerce web applications such as e-shop solutions or supplier portals. It furthermore advises customers when it comes to IT security and IT infrastructure. Being one of the more than 400 medium-sized companies forming the Würth Group, the full-service IT provider does not only attend to its own many customers worldwide, but also sees to a wide range of projects within the Würth Group. www.comgroup.de