Future is shaped at the Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie Winner of the Competition “365 Places in the Land of Ideas” / Deutsche Bank Presents Commemorative Plaque and Certificate on behalf of the Federal President

Künzelsau. Within the framework of a ceremony for invited guests at Stadthalle Künzelsau Peter Bertling and Axel Hepelmann, representatives of Deutsche Bank AG - partner of the initiative “Land of Ideas”, officially presented the prize “Select Place 2007” to the Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie, a business of the Würth Group.

“21 handicapped and 23 non-handicapped people closely cooperate at Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie to create culinary delights in top ambience for their guests. The outstanding project is based on the independent and responsible work of each individual employee. Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie exemplarily combines readiness to perform with heart thus demonstrating impressively how ideas can be turned into entrepreneurial and social successes“, says Peter Bertling, member of the management of „German Customers“ of Deutsche Bank, when handing over the prize. The hotel came out on top in the competition “365 Places in the Land of Ideas”. An independent jury had chosen the winners out of over 1,500 applicants from all over Germany.

Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie started operation in 2003 with the aim to promote the development of the personalities of handicapped people and their social integration through a sensible professional employment. The employees with handicap work there independently in the kitchen and service area or in the room service and are trained by colleagues with pedagogical education or education in the field of catering.

Every “Select Place 2007” is going to introduce itself on one day of the year: Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie is going to celebrate on 11 and 13 March 2007 on the occasion of the „Festival of Meeting People“– in combination with an all-day Sunday shopping, a street running called „People Run for People“, with many renowned guests from sports as well as a torchlight procession.