The Würth Group’s Business Year 2007: Würth Group successfully closes the business year 2007

  • Würth Group increases sales by 9.5 percent to EUR 8.5 billion - growth rate adjusted for currency influences stands at 10.5 percent
  • Operating result grows at above-average pace compared to sales
  • Number of employees rises to over 63,600; in Germany alone, the Würth Group added 1,000 employees to its payroll compared to the previous year

Künzelsau/Hohenlohe.In all major key ratios, the Würth Group recorded a highly successful business year 2007. The worldwide leading trading company for fasteners and assembly material based in Künzelsau (Hohenlohe region) increased its sales, in accordance with the provisional financial statement, by 9.5 percent to the new record level of EUR 8.5 billion. Adjusted for currency effects, the Group was even able to increase its sales volume by 10.5 percent.

Despite the difficult development in the general economic situation in the United States and unfavorable currency repercussions, the Würth Group has succeeded in growing dynamically in the business year 2007 and lifting both the sales figure and the operating result to new record levels.

Strong growth in Germany and abroad

At the end of the business year 2007, 400 individual companies formed part of the Würth Group, who is active in business on all continents and in a total of 86 countries. In 2007, 30 companies were added to the Group - 22 companies were newly founded, 8 companies acquired. The foreign companies within the Würth Group were able to increase their sales volume to a remarkable EUR 5.1 billion (+ 9.0 percent). The German Würth Group achieved a sales figure of EUR 3.4 billion (+ 10.3 percent).

The Würth Group celebrated a memorable milestone in December 2007, with its German mother company, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, becoming the Group's first individual company to reach the one-billion-euro mark within one business year.

The Würth Group's operating result rose considerably compared to the previous year, growing at a faster pace than the sales figure at 12.6 percent. According to provisional calculations, the result for the business year 2007 will amount to between EUR 570 and 580 million.

The number of employees in the Würth Group also rose significantly. 8,793 employees joined the Group, corresponding to an increase by 16.0 percent on the previous year. One of the reasons underlying this sharp rise in the number of employees is the acquisition of the U.S. company Midcom effected at the beginning of the business year, bringing in 4,000 employees. The Würth Group, the world’s biggest employer for employed sales representatives, now has a total of 30,650 members of staff in the sales force (+ 5.6 percent); in the internal staff, the number stands at 33,049 employees as per 31 December 2007 (+ 27.7 percent; adjusted for the Midcom Group acquisition + 8.5 percent). What is particularly positive is that the Würth Group added more than 1,000 employees in Germany alone for the second year in a row.

The company is going to publish the definite annual statement of the Würth Group for the financial year 2007 at its annual press conference that will take place in Stuttgart on Wednesday, 07 May 2008.

On the Würth Group

The trade in assembly and fastening materials constitutes the Würth Group’s core business. The Group is world market leader in this field. However, Würth has long since come to be much more than just a company trading in screws, screw accessories, anchors, tools or chemical-technical products. Besides the classical range, the companies of the Würth Group have been selling protective clothing, products for DIY shops, material for electrical installations, electronic parts (e.g. circuit boards), financial services and solar modules for many years.