100 years Alma Würth

Künzelsau. On 8 May 2013, Alma Würth, the wife of the company's founder Adolf Würth, would have turned 100. The family and the company think back on Alma Würth with great appreciation and respect on this day.

Her son Reinhold Würth remembers her: “Let me take look back: When our father had to decide in spring 1945 after the end of the Second World War whether he would try a new career as an employee or make a future for himself as a self-employed entrepreneur, our mother Alma firmly stood by her opinion that the father should take the risk of establishing a company of his own.

Now, 68 years later, I would still say that Adolf Würth would not have taken his chances with his own business if his wife had not fervently argued for this option.

Our mother Alma was a loving, though strict, mother: In the grim times of the Second World War, she would sew clothing and Russian shirts for me, which surely made me look pretty, but earned me the nickname "always prettier" from my classmates – which was hard to bear for me at that time!

Our mother kept a perfect household – spotless, clean, orderly and very Christian. She always had a strong mind up to the point of stubbornness, even in her older days.

Alma Würth was the center of the family up to an old age. I am deeply grateful for the caring love she held for me, and for the moral support she gave me when I had to continue our wholesaling business after the death of the father in 1954.

In summary, I would say: If Alma Würth had not been there in the founding days of this company, it is doubtful that the Würth Group would ever have developed to its present form. This brave woman therefore deserves the appreciation and respect of all employees in the Group.”

The most important stages of Alma Würth's life are documented by a small exhibition which will be on display at Museum Würth in the foyer of the Würth administration building in Künzelsau-Gaisbach during normal business hours. The exhibition will open on 8 May.