First visit by Prof. Reinhold Würth to the Würth Company in Kyrgyzstan – Carmen Würth presents donation and gifts of the Würth Trust Council to children’s home ”Ümüt-Nadjeschda“

Künzelsau / Bishkek. For the first time, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Würth Group's Family Trusts, Prof. Reinhold Würth, visited the Würth Company in Kyrgyzstan together with a delegation. At the end of the trip, donations were given to the children’s home “Ümüt-Nadjeschda“, an institution for handicapped children in Bischkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Würth Kyrgyzstan ranks among the small companies within theWürth Group that is represented in 84 countries of the worldwith more than 400 businesses. In 1998, Würth had startedtrading with fasteners and assembly material with threeemployees in the Central Asian country. Currently, WürthKyrgyzstan has 21 employees on the payroll, 17 of these in thesales force. According to Timur Karabajac, CEO of WürthKyrgyzstan, more than 50 per cent of customers work in theautomotive industry. In addition to these, Würth Kyrgyzstansupplies customers in the industry, the craft sector, the cargoand the mining industries. It is planned to hire additional salesrepresentatives for Würth Kyrgyzstan.Even though the economic crisis has also left its mark on theCentral Asian state, Prof. Reinhold Würth was convinced of thegrowth potential of the still rather young market: During thetour of the warehouse and corporate office in Bishkek, theChairman of the Supervisory Board of the Würth Group’sFamily Trusts had vivid recollections of the humble beginningsof Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG that had been founded astwo-man operation in 1945. “I know what it means to build upsuch a company in a non-industrialized country, and I highlyappreciate your achievements”, said Würth in his address tothe employees.Carmen Würth acknowledged the achievements of Karla-MariaSchälicke, the educationist coming from Germany who foundedthe children’s center “Ümüt-Nadjeschda“ (“Hope“ in German) twenty years ago who recently received the Cross of Merit onribbon out of the hands of Federal President Horst Köhler.According to valid laws and regulations, many handicappedchildren are considered "not educable" in Kyrgyzstan. This barsthem from kindergartens, schools and any forms of specialeducation. In the children’s center “Ümüt-Nadjeschda“, 54employees are currently looking after 75 severely and multiplehandicapped children and young adults.

The institution, being a member of the Unesco program for associated schools,consists of an integrated kindergarten, a school, therapeuticworkshops, living communities and a therapeutic seminar. The people in the center work with the children and young adultstherapeutically, using elements of Rudolf Steiner’s educationalmethod, elements of Janusz Korczak’s educational method andother therapeutic forms. The institution is almost exclusivelyfinanced from private donations mainly coming from Germany.During the celebration of the center’s 20th anniversary,Carmen Würth presented gifts to the children. Reinhold Würthpromised the children’s home further financial support. Würthhad already supplied material. Last year, some of the children’srooms were renovated and heat insulated. Since Bishkek quitefrequently experiences unannounced power failures owing tothe lack of infrastructure, it is being checked if technicalsupport, too, can be given to remedy this situation.The fact that the employees of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KGback the social commitment of Carmen Würth is documentedby the fact that a donation by the Trust Council, therepresentation of employees working with Adolf Würth GmbH& Co. KG, was also presented during the ceremony.For further information about the children’s center ”Ümüt-Nadjeschda“ please refer to www.nadjeschda.org.Donation account of the support association:Förderverein Kinderfond “Nadjeschda“ e.V., KreissparkasseTuttlingen (bank code 643 500 70) account number 107 099.