Art Advisory Board of the Würth Group meets Freie Schule Anne-Sophie – Candid Questions for the Experts

Künzelsau. Learning partners (students) of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie recently had the opportunity to ask the art experts Werner Spies, Fabrice Hergott and Christoph Becker questions on different art-related subjects.

What does a painting cost? What is a museum? And who was the artist Max Ernst? These were some of the questions asked by the roughly 80 students of Freie Schule Anne-Sophie who visited the Würth Museum in Künzelsau on April 27. Three members of the Art Advisory Board of the Würth Group answered the students’ questions: The art historian Werner Spies, curator Fabrice Hergott and curator Christoph Becker who were introduced as “world-renowned people dealing with art“ by Peter Fratton, educational director of the school.

The students between the ages of eleven and fifteen split up into three groups depending on their different areas of interest. Werner Spies talked about Max Ernst who he had known personally which enabled him to discuss more private matters. Spies sketched a vivid portrait of the artist, talked about his friends and relationships with other artists.

What is a museum? This was a question Fabrice Hergott was asked by the young people listening to him. “It is an exciting experiment“, said the director of the Musée d’Art moderne de Paris and added: “The children asked me candid and very precise questions, I was able to discuss art with them very openly.” Acquainting children with art, broadening their horizon and awakening the students’ interest in art is the objective of the event. Fabrice Hergott is convinced: “Dealing with art is a friend in life.”

The fact that art is not only a friend in life, but also a source of income for the artists was explained by Christoph Becker, director of Kunsthaus Zürich. The prices of three paintings were determined jointly. Different parameters played a role: “The uniqueness, the artist, the age and the condition determine the price of a painting“, explained Becker. And what’s more: “Subjective taste, of course, plays a part, too.” To better get his message across he even carried a Miró through the auditorium all the way to the row of seats in the back. The fact that the most expensive painting in his museum in Zurich is worth roughly 100 million EUR astonished his young listeners.

During drinks after the event the children had ample opportunity to ask the experts additional questions. Christoph Becker was highly pleased: “The students were extremely interested.”

About “Freie Schule Anne-Sophie”

Within the framework of the reform-pedagogic teaching method, Freie Schule Anne-Sophie in Künzelsau attaches great importance to holistic, independent learning. The objective is to promote each learning partner (student) from his or her specific initial position. “Every child stepping on this new path of learning is to leave Freie Schule Anne-Sophie as a winner!”. This is Bettina Würth’s wish who initiated the school. The basic difference between Freie Schule Anne-Sophie and the classical way of teaching is the mixture of students of different ages and the individual, independent learning of the learning partners at their own place of work in the learning studio, accompanied, encouraged and supported by the learning coaches (teachers). Targets are discussed in the form of brief inputs. In so-called clubs, learning matters are also offered to the students in an interdisciplinary, network form.