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Würth Prize awarded to Sol Gabetta

The Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Germany (JMD) endowed with prize money of EUR 10,000 was awarded to cellist Sol Gabetta in Weikersheim on Tuesday, 24 July 2011. In his laudation, Dr. Hans-Herwig Geyer, President of JMD, highlighted Gabetta's ability "to di-rectly touch the audience and inspire young audiences in particular".

The jury stated in their explanation that Sol Gabetta managed "to raise the popularity of classical music in a re-markable fashion, due to her natural charm, her brilliant and individual style of play and her affirmation of contemporary forms of presentation." "Sol Gabetta is an exceptional artist whose virtuosity is exciting. Her ef-fervescent playing technique enchants her audience and her playing mastery is captivating - she is a well-deserving winner of the Würth Prize," said Harald Unkelbach, President of the Würth Foundation, who presented the award together with Geyer, President of JMD.

The Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Germany is one of the most exclusive awards in the German musical scene. It is awarded to artists, ensembles and projects that exemplarily meet the values and fulfill the objectives of JMD. Since 1991, personalities such as conductor Gustavo Dudamel or percussionist Martin Grubinger, ensembles including the Federal Youth Orchestra or the education program of the Berlin Philharmonics have received the award.

The award ceremony in the framework of a concert of Sol Gabetta was part of the official ceremony on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Würth Foundation and marked the opening of the 67th World Conference of Jeunesses Musicales International. Delegates of all Jeunesses Musicales sections from all over the world participate in this annual general assembly. The event will be going on until next weekend and this year's motto is "Magic Places for Music". Prior to this year, the German Jeunesses section has been host to this event in 1960 (Berlin), 1972 (Augsburg) and 1996 (Weikersheim).

The Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Germany was brought into being in 1991. Ever since, together with the Würth Foundation, and in coordination with the German Music Council, JMD has been awarding individuals, ensembles and projects every year, that live the objectives pursued by JMD in a special manner and give impetus as role models by doing so.

Prize winners of the Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Germany include:

  • 2012 Sol Gabetta
  • 2011 Federal Youth Orchestra
  • 2010 Martin Grubinger
  • 2009 The Arab-Jewish Youth Orchestra Israel
  • 2008 Gustavo Dudamel
  • 2007 Artemis Quartet
  • 2006 Michael Kaufmann (Intendant of Philharmonie Essen)
  • 2005 Philharmonia of Nations
  • 2004 Education Program of Berlin Philharmonics
  • 2003 Theo Geißler (Editor of "neue musikzeitung")
  • 2002 Ensemble Resonanz
  • 2001 Claudio Abbado
  • 2000 National Children’s Orchestra of Venezuela
  • 1999 Tabea Zimmermann
  • 1998 Henry W. Meyer
  • 1997 Young German Philharmonic
  • 1996 Yakov Kreizberg
  • 1995 Children's choir of the Brundibár Project
  • 1994 Nicaragua project "Casa de los tres Mundos"
  • 1993 Philip Glass
  • 1992 Arcis-Quintet
  • 1991 Dennis Russell Davies