Current rating results of the Würth Group available - Standard & Poor’s confirms "A / outlook stable"

Künzelsau. The Würth Group has undergone an annual rating process for almost 20 years. As in previous years, the Group was again rated by two agencies - Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings - in 2012. While Fitch Ratings conducted a re-categorization which resulted in a "BBB+ / outlook stable" rating, the leading rating agency Standard & Poor’s reconfirmed the Würth Group's "A / outlook stable" rating.

Our long history of good ratings by Standard & Poor's not only documents the positive credit rating of the Würth Group; at the same time, it is proof of the continuous and successful development of our group of companies and of the stability of the business model.

Robert Friedmann, Chairman of the Central Managing Board of the Würth Group, commented on the rating: "Even as a family business that is not listed on the stock exchange, transparency matters a lot to us. Therefore, for the past two decades, our company has always been rated. The rating of Standard & Poor’s shows us that Würth is perceived as a stable company with sustainable business development. We see the downgrading by Fitch as motivation to further develop our strengths, especially in times of hesitant growth and volatility in many national economies.