WASI d.o.o.


WASI d.o.o.
Beogradska 27
11272 Beograd - Dobanovci

+381 112 078 227; +38 111 207 82 49; +38 111 207 82 81
+381 117 359 691; +381 117 359 690

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Our business is supplying products made of stainless steel in two basic qualities: A2 (waterproof steel) and A4 (acid resistant steel), i.e. 1.4301 and 1.4404. The basis of our program are fastening elements in DIN standard and a complete range of stainless valves and fittings for pipe installation for the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and TIG/LAS and HF welded stainless steel tubes. In addition, we offer a range of products for welding (electrodes, welding wire for MIG and TIG welding). Wealso offer nautical products such as stainless wires, urnbuckles, chains, ring lifebuoy, life jackets, etc.