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Metzler GmbH & Co. KG
Interpark Focus 40
6832 Röthis

+43 552 390 909
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Metzler GmbH & Co KG is an Austrian specialist for tools and manufacturing solutions for the metal-working industry. The company located in Rankweil has a product range of over 60,000 cutting and clamping tools, measuring and test devices, shop equipment products, environment and safety articles, power tools and customer-oriented system solutions. The function of the house brands of METZLER GmbH & Co KG is to boost productivity. Both, the rigid foam solution OPT-I-STORE® and the flexible clip-on system CLIP-O-FLEX® can be combined with each other and ensure a greater degree of order and quality in production. They are now being marketed around the world and, in parts, manufactured by Metzler in Rankweil.