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WOW ! Würth Online World GmbH
Schliffenstraße 22
74653 Künzelsau-Gaisbach

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Having a nose for good ideas for workshops and car dealers – this is the success recipe of WOW! Würth Online World GmbH (WOW!) which was founded in 2000. Its diagnostic systems, such as the Snooper or the iQ series, are just some of the examples that illustrate the instinct and know-how which the Künzelsau-based company uses to provide automotive workshops, car dealers and service centres with high-quality, reliable and yet affordable workshop equipment. Beside a comprehensive range of diagnostic and emissions test systems, WOW! also offers workshop equipment for the division air conditioning service. In addition, the company provides service concepts on issues like workshop planning and service reception. Today, WOW! system solutions are available in more than 35 countries already. And, what is more, as a company of the Würth Group WOW! is even able to sell complete solutions that exceed its own range of services from a single source. These include chemical-technical products, tools, C-parts, storage systems as well as system solutions for the service reception, vehicle valeting and cosmetic repairs.