Meister Tools Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Meister Tools Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Room 202, Yuwell Building, No 683 Shenhong Road,
Minghang District, Shanghai 201106

+86 215 896 53 22
+86 215 896 53 02

The company is a fully cost center owned subsidiary of Meister Werkzeuge GmbH in Wuppertal, Germany. The company is responsible for sourcing products mainly in China in correspondence with the requirements from the European market, European and international laws (technics, chemicals, social compliance), individual customer`s requirements. As well check out and supporting quality of manufacturing process and quality inspection during production and before shipment; MTT supports correspondence and appointments with customer`s representatives in China and presents various products of hand tools, garden tools, power tools, furniture fittings and electrical installation in the own showroom or at customer`s office.