The Würth Group is one of the worldwide biggest suppliers of assembly and connecting technology to craft and industry. What spurs us on? We love selling. Satisfying our customers is not enough. We want to inspire them - by offering ideas that make their business progress. We consistently pursue everything that has proven to be successful, and we try out new things - optimistically, dynamically and with strong powers of self-assertion. Our vision: Becoming the number 1 in the eyes of our customers as the best sales team.

As a family business with a strong corporate culture, the Würth Group is very well-positioned to achieve this goal. Managing with a vision, linked to a strict orientation towards excellent performance and great respect for the employees’ achievements, has been a characteristic feature of the company since its inception and is in no small part thanks to Reinhold Würth’s leadership. Already in the early years, the company aimed to approach customers actively instead of waiting for them to come.

“Seeing behind the mountains and around the bend”, leaving the beaten track behind to find potential for optimization is one of the basic rules of the company that was formulated by Reinhold Würth. Bettina Würth, the daughter of Reinhold Würth, is keeping up this tradition as the Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Würth Group.

Exemplary for the visionary and strategic thinking in the Würth Group is the “Vision 2000”, which Reinhold Würth had developed in 1987: The sales volume of the Würth Group amounted to EUR 700 million in that year. The aim was to attain a sales volume of EUR five billion by the turn of the millennium. Indeed did the company succeed in reaching exactly this target in the business year 2000.