Entrepreneurial activities mean future-oriented activities. As a family business, Würth has been committed to this principle ever since its early years. Of course, this comprises our core business, but as a holistic approach, it far exceeds the orientation to customers and employees. We recognize and embrace the responsibility we have within and for society.


We passionately support our customers. Satisfying our customers is not enough. We want to inspire them. First and foremost, a customer-oriented sales force, the service idea it represents and top-notch quality are characteristic of the products and services of the Würth Group. As a consequence, we continuously try to find new solutions to support our customers’ business even better. One of our most important principles is to achieve perfection in everything we do. New challenges are tackled in an optimistic, dynamic and pragmatic way – all with one aim: Making sure that each customer gets their own Würth.


As a responsible employer, the Würth Group invests in ongoing training of its workforce, an important foundation for the future of the company and its employees. The Würth Group also assumes responsibility for a decisive contribution to its employees’ quality of life. Among others, this commitment includes offers for the promotion of good health, cultural events as well as access to the company museums. We also support our employees in the endeavor to make family and job compatible. This includes part-time working arrangements and teleworking models for parents.


Würth Preis der Jeunesses Musicales 2017

The exceptional violinist Christian Tetzlaff has been awarded with the Würth Prize of Jeunesses Musicales Germany 2017.

As a good citizen, we are involved in all sorts of corporate initiatives, support charitable organizations, and promote numerous projects in the fields of art and culture, research and science as well as education. In order to unite these commitments under one roof and ensure a continuation of the efforts, Reinhold and Carmen Würth founded the Würth Foundation in 1987. The trust capital currently amounts to EUR 10.6 million. Furthermore, the individual Würth companies have become active in many social areas right on their doorstep, in over 80 countries worldwide.