Demanding and promoting performance

Würth puts the human being at the center of business life. Being inquisitive and dynamic, filling out new spaces – that is the corporate philosophy lived at Würth. This includes the readiness of all employees to demonstrate full commitment to the company, be optimistic, tackle new challenges dynamically and achieve set goals pragmatically. At the same time, the employees are given considerable room for maneuver at their workplace, space to develop their creativity and put their ideas into practice. Tasks connected with responsibility are to be delegated as far as possible, following the rule: The bigger the success, the bigger the degree of freedom. Above-average performance is recognized and rewarded: we strive for perfection in everything we do.

Würth Auszubildende

New trainees: Training begins at Würth

Tackling new tasks

Würth considers the promotion of staff to be a fundamental, future-oriented duty. This already begins when starting into the world of work. The company therefore runs an intensive and comprehensive training program. All over Germany, for instance, the Würth Group currently employs over 1.000 trainees learning one of over 60 occupations. Given such a wide selection, everybody can find and pursue their dream occupation. It also goes without saying that we don't promote expertise alone - personal development is also important. For example, our trainees spend time working at a social facility, or take part in an internship at one of the European subsidiaries. Another part of the Group's active training initiatives for future professionals is the internship program for university students. Whether Germany, Spain or China – there are plenty of opportunities to get a taste of real work experience.

Lifelong learning

We want to inspire our customers time and again. That is why we need qualified and committed employees. Würth offers its employees various programs of on-the-job further training and personal qualification. In Germany, Akademie Würth has been active for 20 years, offering management seminars as well as personal and social skills training to all Würth Group employees worldwide.

Combining studies with work

Anyone wishing to combine further academic training with work will be spoilt for choice at Akademie Würth Business School. A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree can be gained after three and a half years of study. Akademie Würth also offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Global Business in cooperation with the University of Louisville, USA. These programs are available to applicants outside of the Würth Group as well.

Ready for executive responsibilities

Most management positions at Würth are filled with new talent from within the organization. To support employees in this career step in the best possible way, the group has initiated three promotion programs: MC Würth, the High Potential Program and the Top Potential Program. MC Würth prepares up-and-coming staff for responsible positions in the middle management. The High Potential Program accompanies executives on their way to the upper management levels. And the Top Potential program introduces individual executives to a position in the top management of a company.

Also in place is the International Trainee Program, which runs in Asia, Eastern Europe and South America, and is aimed at local graduates of economics degree courses. It specifically guides employees into leadership roles in these particularly promising regions of the future.