Conducting professional and interactive webinars

Target group

Personnel developers, trainers and product managers. All employees who wish to transfer Know-how from their field of expertise by means of webinars.



With time becoming ever more valuable, a way to promote learning irrespective of one's location is required. Webinars are a valuable pillar in this context. They can certainly not replace all classroom-training sessions. However, they can definitely be a valuable complement guaranteeing sustainability. At the same time, there is a great number of topics, which can be optimally covered through online training. However, it is clear that a virtual seminar requires other didactics and methodologies than classic trainings.

The aim of this training is therefore to optimally prepare you for the changed conditions. You will learn what you need to know to use webinars. At the same time, we will fill your toolbox with methods, which will make your webinar a success.


Content of the training

  • Using webinars in a purposeful manner
  • Creating a time line and a script
  • Structure of webinars
  • Using different didactic methods to create an interactive webinar
  • Requirements for webinar leaders
  • Working with the Adobe Connect webinar tool
  • Combination of classroom and online training



German, English



There are no specific dates pre-scheduled for this training. According to your demand, we will schedule trainings quarterly in cooperation with you.

Place Date Time Coach Price
Online Marco Draguljic, Roman Detrich 160 €