Fit for Customer Management

Target group

Keen customer managers and customer management/sales operations officers in the Würth Group, assistants to the board of management and/or sales management who aim to become a competent customer management expert!



This blended learning program will provide you with important fundamentals and knowledge about customer management in the Würth Group in order to enable you to successfully push customer growth in your companies. In the course of the learning experience, various challenging missions will be completed using different tools. During these missions, you will learn how to read and steer customer key figures and how to monitor customer development in your company. Furthermore, you will be given an overview of best practice examples from various customer management agents around the globe, as the challenges we face are identical in all Group companies. In this context, you will get to know the customer balance as a central target value and control parameter. The newly acquired knowledge about customer management will be applied and deepened in various practical exercises, during which you will work on accomplishing your customer growth missions.


Content of the training

• Role and tasks of a customer manager in the Würth Group

• Customer management organization within the multichannel approach

• Customer orientation and centricity

• Development of an action plan on the basis of the customer lifecycle

• Customer balance as our central target value and control parameter

• Standard customer key figures

• Customer classification and determination and use of customer potential

• Customer management standard processes

• Best practice examples from the Würth Group on the basis of the customer lifecycle

  • Acquisition of new customers and follow-up processes
  • Customer retention systems
  • Tapping customer potential
  • Early-warning systems to reduce customer fluctuation
  • Standard processes to prevent customer fluctuation
  • Reactivation of zero customers






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Place Date Coach Price
Online 22-Mar-2022 - 08-Nov-2022 Experts of the department 190 €